Christmas, and as the song says, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’. 

Unless of course you still haven’t bought a gift for the travel-lover in your life and time is fast running out. But, don’t panic, we’re here to save the day with some great gift ideas for every travel addict, from experience gifts to the gift of language.

Tinggly – Travel E-Voucher

Travelers are a strange breed of people. They’re ultra particular about every item that goes into their backpack or suitcase, that’s because every square inch of space is at a premium. Luxuries like fluffy slippers or swaddling bathrobes are usually well out of the equation when it comes to packing.

But here’s an idea every traveler will adore, and it takes up NO space whatsoever.

A Tinggly experience gift box contains hundreds of amazing adventures all over the world, and the whole process couldn’t be easier. Buy a Tinggly gift box online, have it delivered by post or e-voucher, and let the recipient choose one unique, hand-selected travel experience from a collection of hundreds.

From hunting the Northern lights in Iceland or canoeing the rivers of Ireland, to a food and wine tour of Venice or parasailing on the French Riviera, there’s an experience to suit every taste. From adventure lovers to foodies, and from wine aficionados to adrenalin junkies, just take your pick.

And here’s the added beauty. All Tinggly gift experiences are environmentally sustainable.

  • For every Tinggly gift, the company will remove 33lbs (15kg) of plastics from the planet’s rivers, lakes, and oceans
  • Plus they guarantee to offset the experience’s carbon footprint by a massive 200%
  • In addition to all of that, members of the Tinggly team have recently traveled to the island of Bali and installed trash traps in the rivers to prevent toxic plastics from entering the seas in the first place

Now you can give the ultimate travel choice with a clear conscience and a happy heart.

Language Course

I think it’s fair to say that language (communication) will be an issue during most long-distance travel experiences. Whether you’re trying to book a bed in Botswana, order some food in the Philippines, buy a theater ticket in Toulouse, or just hold a basic conversation in a little backstreet bar in Bogota, language is pretty important.

Giving a traveler the gift of a language course will go a long way towards making a trip a lot more successful and a lot more enjoyable. The longer the period of travel in a particular area the more important knowing the local language is going to be. Six months backpacking in South America could be made so much more memorable with even a little knowledge of Spanish.

There are literally thousands of language courses you could choose from, both in-house and online. 

Online classes might be more suitable for long term travelers as they can adjust the content of their course as they realize just what level of language is needed. Another bonus of online classes is that they can be taken anywhere wi-fi is available, in an airport waiting for a flight, or in a quiet hotel room or hostel.

Podcast Subscription

Listening to podcasts is a super way of whiling away the hours spent in an airport, bus station, or ferry terminal, and they can be addictive too. A podcast subscription makes a really special gift, especially if you choose the right podcast which you know the traveler might enjoy.

A podcast subscription gift is an experience gift and doesn’t take up any space in a traveler’s luggage. Plus, a subscription to a podcast ensures that the subscriber receives every new episode of the podcast as they are published without having to wait for weeks or months for it to appear on the free playlist.

If the person already has all the podcast subscriptions that they need, why not upgrade their listening enjoyment with a podcast complimentary gift, such as new headphones, a new microphone to make their own podcasts, or even a new portable phone charger just to make sure they never run out of precious podcast juice. 

Flight Coupon

Travelers travel, it’s what they do, and a lot of that travel involves flying. That’s why airline gift cards can be a top gift for all travelers. And it’s really simple, in fact, it’s just a matter of loading a card with a monetary value that you want to gift, and it’s off to the airport.

It has to be said that not all airlines offer the luxury of travel gift cards, but almost all of the world’s major airlines do. However, be sure to read the small print when you indulge in a gift card. Some airlines may have a host of terms and conditions, including, time-limits, expiry dates, peak time limitations, or they may exclude baggage charges, upgrades, or inflight services.

Having said that, the best airlines usually limit their terms and conditions to a bare minimum and many even allow travel across airline networks or partner airlines.

Plus, many of them even allow you the option to offset the flight’s carbon footprint. 

Airport VIP Lounge Access

You’re a traveler, and you’ve just completed leg one of a two-leg long-haul flight. You’re hot, sticky, hungry, thirsty, you could do with the use of a comfortable restroom – with a shower – and maybe even a change of clothes, what to do?

Airport lounges are a great place for travelers to kick back in peace and quiet, and especially for weary long-distance travelers, the gift of free lounge access is like a gift straight from the gods.

There are airport lounge access cards to cover all budgets, from VIP access including champagne dinners to basic lounges offering free wi-fi, newspapers, and simple snacks and drinks. 

Regardless of how much you spend on lounge access, you can be 100% assured that the opportunity for a traveler to step out from the crowd and experience even a modicum of luxury can make all the difference on a long journey.

There are companies that offer access to lounges all over the world, one card, all access. Or, lounge access can usually be purchased directly online from any particular airport. Whichever you choose you’re going to make a traveler somewhere very thankful for your amazing gift.