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How Tinggly works?

You choose a gift box
Select a themed gift box that matches the occasion and budget.
We deliver eVoucher or box
Receive your gift as a physical box or an eVoucher, sent directly to you or the recipient.
They pick one activity
Your recipient chooses their favorite activity and schedules it at their convenience.

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Why a Gift Box?

Thousands of Options
Thousands of Options
  • Each box contains thousands of experience options
  • There is no expiration day, so there is plenty of time to pick the perfect experience
  • You just need to select the box according to theme and budget and let them choose their own adventure!
One Perfect Adventure
San Francisco Thrill Seeker
One Perfect Adventure
  • Flexibility: the recipient can choose one adventure according to their taste
  • Variety: the experience selection ranges from well-being, food & wine or lifestyle to thrilling adventure experiences
  • Freedom: can be used anywhere in the world!
Gift card

What will the recipient get?

  • A box with your selected themed sleeve
  • An explanatory brochure with experience journal to plan and inspire their upcoming adventures
  • An experience voucher
  • A possibility to choose their own adventure
  • An unforgettable memory to cherish for a lifetime
  • A printable experience voucher with your custom message
  • A possibility to choose their own adventure
  • An unforgettable memory to cherish for a lifetime

Questions? We are here to help

Tinggly Gift Box is a carefully curated collection of hand-picked experiences from around the world, themed for any occasion. Once opened, the recipient chooses one experience from the box to enjoy at their convenience.
Inside our sustainable gift box, you'll find a voucher code to unlock experiences, and an inspirational brochure to find your next adventure.
Select the right budget and occasion. Each gift box is named with a unique theme in mind, making it easy for you to decide.
The number of participants is entirely up to the gift recipient. Some experiences can be enjoyed solo, while others can be shared with a significant other, family, or friends, with all costs covered by this gift box.
Yes, gift recipients can exchange the gift box for monetary value by clicking on the 'My Vouchers' tab in the Tinggly account.
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Give Stories, Not Stuff for Your Dad

Introducing experience gifts from Tinggly, the perfect gifts for super Dads. Whatever the occasion—be it a birthday, retirement, Father’s Day, or Christmas—an experience gift box will light up his face with curiosity and joy.

How to Choose the best Experience Gift

At Tinggly, we offer tdistinctive gift solutions: Experience Gift Boxes and Getaway gifts. What sets them apart?

  •  Experience Gift Boxes: These include over 10,000 diverse, handpicked experiences, empowering your gift recipient to personally choose their preferred activity. Whether opting for our popular "Perfect for Him" Experience Collection or the much-loved "Superman" collection, these options cater to every taste and are ideal for men who love adventures. By choosing Experience Gift Boxes,  You can discover a multitude of experiences across the globe, from the bustling streets of New York to the scenic landscapes of New Zealand and many more. Whether exploring high mountaintops, traversing vast deserts, wandering through Europe's cities, or enjoying culinary delights, restaurants, and golf courses worldwide, these experiences are ready to be enjoyed. Browse our unique selection of food and drink experiences, helicopter tours, or exciting water adventures to find the perfect, personalized gift that matches your dad’s interests and creates unforgettable memories.

  • Getaway gifts: This is the perfect gift solution for those looking for a cozy beachside retreat or a romantic city getaway. Each Getaway gift box includes various hotels in the US, Europe and  worldwide, allowing your father to choose and book a one-night or weekend getaway. Check out our "Weekend Getaway for Two" Getaway gift box, loved by Tinggly’s customers and designed to create a memorable, top-quality two-night getaway.

How to Use Tinggly for Experience Gifts

Get your ideal experience gift ready in just a few minutes with our easy 3-step process:

  1. Choose a desired Experience Gift Box or a gift from over 10,000 Single Experiences.

  2. The recipient receives a prepaid voucher with no expiration date, redeemable at any time.

  3. They redeem the gift, choose, and book the desired experience, and enjoy!

Experience Gift Boxes for Dad

Struggling to choose the perfect gift? We've got you covered with Tinggly Gift Cards. With over 10,000 experiences, including balloon rides, tours, spas, and hotel stays, the recipient gets to choose their adventure according to their passions and interests.

Why Our Customers Choose Tinggly 

Our carefully selected experiences for Dad make the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. Tinggly’s customers love that all experience gifts are sustainable: we offset the CO2 footprint by a whopping 200% for every experience booked. When you buy a Tinggly gift box, at least 1% of your gift price goes to the Eden Reforestation Project to plant and protect trees around the world. That's up to 40 trees per gift! We care deeply about the health of our planet and address today's most pressing environmental challenges. We know you care too.

If you are looking for a unique present for a special person, gifting an experience will not only make it truly memorable but will also contribute to the positive change of gifting culture and protect the planet. 

Frequently asked questions about Experience Gifts for Dad

What experience to get for a dad?

Choosing the right experience for your dad depends on his interests. Tinggly offers over 10,000 experiences worldwide, from helicopter rides and food tours to spa days and adventure activities. Our "Perfect for Him" and "Superman" collections are great options.

What are some good gift ideas for a dad?

Good gift ideas include experiences that create lasting memories. Tinggly's Single Experiences offer adventures like a 737 Flight Simulator in the UK, a lobster and beer cruise in New York, or a Ferrari drive in Italy. Getaway gifts provide cozy retreats and getaways.

What do you give your father as a gift?

Give your father an unforgettable experience with a Tinggly experience gift box. Options include balloon rides, fishing charters, VIP tours, and culinary adventures. These gifts match his interests and create exciting stories to share.

What is the difference between a single experience and an experience gift box?

A single experience is a specific experience in a particular location (for example, a pasta cooking class in Milan). Experience gift box is a pre-made collection containing hundreds of handpicked experiences worldwide. For example, our “Once in a Lifetime” collection has 400+ experiences. The recipient gets to choose one experience they love the most.

What does the physical gift box include? 

Tinggly physical gift box includes a physical gift voucher and an experience journal - to plan and inspire your upcoming experiences. It also tells a story about Tinggly and the evolution of experience gifting culture.

I’ve got a Tinggly experience. How can I use it?

Go to the Redeem page and enter your voucher code (which can be found either on your eVoucher or physical voucher);

You will be asked to log in or register if you do not have an account;

Your gift will then appear in your account's Vouchers section;

Click on Book Now if you want to book this experience, or click Exchange if you want to exchange the value of your gift for Tinggly value, and get it added to your account.