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New Jersey Experience Gifts

Experience gifts in New Jersey are ideal for anyone looking to explore west of the Hudson River. Friends, family, work colleagues, whoever you choose, will all get a big kick out of the Garden State and will be bound to come home bursting with exciting stories and happy memories.
From the slots and high rollers of Atlantic City to the sunsets over Jersey Shore, New Jersey experiences never fail to live up to all your wildest expectations.
Tinggly’s experience gifts are very easy to access. All you need to do is go online, pick a gift experience collection and send it to the person of your choice. They can then choose where they go, when they go and what they do when they get there! New Jersey, New York, new anywhere!
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We’re nuts about New Jersey experiences 

We all know someone that’s hard to find a gift for, right? That mom or dad or uncle that are just super cool and super hard to please. Well, New Jersey experience gifts are the answer to all your gift-getting prayers. Basically, it’s the recipient that’s in control of their own destiny. They pick the time, location and the experience. You’ve just given them the best travel gift ever – well done you! 

And what’s more, because Tinggly gift cards have zero expiry dates, there’s no set time that you need to travel by. This gift is never going to go unwanted or left at the back of a closet somewhere. It’s the travelers’ choice and guaranteed to be valid in 1, 2 or 10 years from now. 

Tell me more about Tinggly’s New Jersey experiences

Tinggly’s experience gift cards are extremely easy to purchase, and even easier to use.

First of all, visit Tinggly’s website and choose an experience collection that best suits the event or the character of the person you’re buying for. 

Once you’ve made your choice it’s time to use Tinggly’s tried and tested online booking service.

All that’s left to do is write a personalized note and gift card mailing instructions.

The experience card can be sent anywhere in the world either by post or as an e-voucher. Cards arrive in cool, eco-friendly, gift boxes whilst e-vouchers pop into an inbox minutes after purchasing. 

Then what happens?

When the card or email is received, the recipient is asked to go online to Tinggly’s interactive map of the world. This is where you’ll discover which experiences are available and where they take place. 

Once a decision has been made, all that’s left to do is contact Tinggly’s friendly reservation team that will complete the booking process on the gift getter’s behalf – VIP customer service guaranteed! 

Amazing travel gift ideas

You won’t find more travel gift ideas within one experience collection. No matter what you’re into: relaxing, indulging, grazing, letting loose, or learning outdoors – you name it and experience gifts in New Jersey, and beyond, have got it going on!

Check out our top 3 New Jersey experiences:

  • Two Person Ar-15 and 9mm Pistol Package
  • Body Scrub Making Class
  • Taste of NYC Helicopter Tour

We’re coming for you New Jersey – let’s go!