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Virginia Experience Gifts

Experience gifts in Virginia are ideal for anyone looking to explore in this historic, coastal region of Mid-Atlantic America. Your friends, relatives and business partners will be thoroughly satisfied with this type of present and love the opportunity to try something extra special in the Old Dominion.
From Civil War landmarks and Washington’s estate to Shenandoah National Park and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virgina certainly ticks all the right boxes for folk who think variety’s the spice of life.
Virginia experience gifts are extremely easy to get your hands on. Also, as there aren’t any expiry dates, they’re ready to be used whenever you’re good to go. In a nutshell: Tinggly gift cards are the best travel gift to hit the streets in a long time. Now let’s make some stories, not more stuff!
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Rich and varied Virginia experiences 

There’s always that friend or family member that’s really hard to pick a present for, right? That aunt or sister or other half. They just seem to have everything they need and are always hard to please. Well, Virginia experience gifts are totally right for them because they’re gonna be in control. 

They decide on the date, the destination and what to do! It’s like being given a gift that encourages you to explore anywhere you like, whenever you’re ready to do so. How cool is that? 

Also, as Tinggly gifts won’t go out of date, there’s no worries when it comes to finding the right time to go away. This isn’t an ordinary gift card that will run out of credit. This card is still going to work in 1, 2, 10 years down the track. There simply isn’t a better travel gift around today!

How do I get a Virginia experience card from Tinggly?

Our experience gift cards are very easy to purchase, and very simple to use.

First of all, visit the Tinggly website and choose a gift experience collection that works for a special event, a friend’s interests and your own finances.

Next, buy the collection using Tinggly’s secure online service.

Finally, write a personalized note and give us instructions for where the card should be sent.

Our Virginia experiences can be delivered by mail or by email as an e-voucher. Cards arrive in chic, plastic-free, presentation boxes whereas e-vouchers arrive in an in-box within minutes of being purchased – great for last-minute gift ideas!

Fantastic travel gift idea

When the card or e-voucher arrives, the recipient is asked to visit Tinggly’s website and choose an experience from the map. This interactive feature shows all available experiences all over the world.

Once a decision’s been made, it’s time to contact Tinggly’s booking team who’ll take care of everything else on behalf of the gift getter – VIP customer service is always guaranteed! 

You won’t find such variety in any other travel gift package. No matter what your friend’s into: relaxing, indulging, learning, or going wild – you name it and experience gifts in Virginia, and beyond, offer an ideal opportunity to take off and make long-lasting memories, not more plastic stuff.

Check out the variety of Virginia experiences:

  • Guided Walking Tour of Richmond
  • Richmond Carytown Neighborhood Food Tour with Guide
  • Richmond Landmark Segway Tour
  • Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum 7-Day Pass
  • Learn to Sail Session for Two People

Looking good Virginia, looking real good!