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Las Vegas Experience Gifts

If you know someone that’s always wanted to witness the bright lights of Sin City close up and personal well, now’s their chance. Experience gifts in Las Vegas give recipients every opportunity to have the time of their life 24/7 in and around one of the world’s most exciting hot spots.

Getting your hands on a Tinggly experience gift card is super easy and guaranteed not to break the bank. Also, as these bad boys don’t come with an expiry date, they’re free to use whenever the time is right to travel. Eco-friendly, loads of variety and plenty of choice – let’s get this party started!
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Lovin’ those Las Vegas experiences!

Experience gifts in Las Vegas will encourage your friends and relations to see the city from a whole new perspective. There’s so much to see and do that you’ll hardly have any time to hit the slots, well maybe! Horseback riding, Mob museums, kayaking and foodie tours by Segway – who knew, right?

Thanks to the lack of deadline dates, recipients of Tinggly gift cards are able to enjoy an experience when the time’s right not just because the clock’s ticking down. And in addition to that, recipients also get to decide what they’d like to do and where they’d like to do it. From the Mirage and the Strip to the Downtown Art District and the Mojave Desert, there’s no better way to ‘do’ Vegas! 

How Las Vegas experience gifts work…

It’s so easy to buy and use Tinggly’s experience gifts in Las Vegas. 

  1. select a gift card collection depending on the occasion and your budget.
  2. pay securely using Tinggly’s online shopping service.
  3. write a personalized note and add the address of where you want the card to be sent.

What happens next?

Las Vegas experiences from Tinggly are delivered to you or the person you bought the gift for. Cards are sent virtually by email or in a gift box that’s been made from eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. 

It’s this freedom of choice that has propelled Tinggly to become one of the world’s most popular gift experience providers. Why not give it a go and find out what all the fuss is about? 

Inspirational travel gifts for freedom lovers

Upon receiving the gift card, your friend or family member is invited to check out Tinggly’s online map to choose what they want to do and where they want to do it. Once that all-important decision’s been made it’s over to the awesome Tinggly booking team who’ll take care of the rest. 

Then all that’s left to do is kick back and wait for the excitement levels to explode!

Think there won’t be enough experiences to choose from? 

Don’t panic! Experience gifts in Las Vegas, and around the world, feature 1000s of things to do in 100s of extra special locations. From relaxing and romancing to adrenaline-pumping adventures and fascinating cultural tours, this is the best travel gift for folk who love the freedom to choose.

Check out these Las Vegas experience gifts:

  • Morning Maverick Horseback Ride with Breakfast from Las Vegas
  • Emerald Cave Kayak Tour on The Colorado River from Las Vegas
  • Visit the Mob and other museums of Las Vegas
  • Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour by Segway
  • Masters of Magic Show Tickets at Las Vegas Magic Theater

Viva Las Vegas!