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The continent of Australia extends over 2,500 miles (4,000km) from east to west, that’s an awful lot of adventures waiting to be discovered. In fact, much of Australia is still being discovered by both professional explorers and casual travelers alike. You don’t have to venture into the continent's vast and arid outback to create adventures, in Australia adventure is everywhere waiting for you. That’s why here at Tinggly we’ve gone to painstaking lengths to compile a comprehensive collection of Australia experience gifts, the perfect way to give a whole continent of experiences, adventures, and activities in one gift box.

If you know someone who loves to travel the world, or someone who lives in Australia with a passion for making new discoveries in their own country, a Tinggly experience collection is an inspiring gift. From exploring the country’s incredible vineyards, horse riding on Byron Bay beach, or experiencing the world’s fastest jungle zip line, the list of amazing activities includes something for everyone.
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Discover Australia with Tinggly


A Tinggly gift box comes as an easy solution to choosing the right gift.

With a huge selection of experience gift boxes - each one filled to the brim with a great selection of unforgettable experiences, thrilling adventurous, delicious gourmet delights, and activities to create memories for years to come - you give the choice and the recipient chooses the experience they want to try.

The lucky person who receives a Tinggly gift collection can pick one experience to match their travel plans, or they can create an outing or a full holiday centered around the experience they choose. Tinggly is the evolution of gift-giving, letting you give the gift of stories and memories through adventures and experiences to someone anywhere in the world. With over 2,000 hand-picked experiences in over 100 countries there’s sure to be something amazing close to everyone.

Because Australia is such a huge landmass Tinggly have selected their experiences from a variety of different locations making it possible for every explorer in Australia to get in on the fun. One gift, endless possibilities. And, another great feature of Tinggly gift boxes is that there’s NO expiry date, that’s right NO expiry date. And with a full refund option you can be sure you’re in safe hands with Tinggly.

Adventure or relaxation, it’s up to you


Everyone is different, that’s why Tinggly have chosen a host of unique and outstanding experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Some of us love the quiet life, whether that’s indulging in some gentle relaxation, slowly seeing the sights at your pace, or enjoying the tastes of the local foods and drinks, we’ve included them all. The Tinggly gift recipient can choose one great experience, like the Tasmanian Bruny Island gourmet food and sightseeing tour, a Sydney Harbor tall ship dinner cruise, an unforgettable breakfast with Koalas for two, a Yarra Valley cider and ale trial, a Green Island snorkeling and lunch cruise, or how about a Gold Coast VIP dinner and show?

Others like to live life in the fast lane, for them we’ve specially curated an amazing selection of some of the most adrenaline-pumping adventures to be found anywhere on the planet. Take an exhilarating Sydney Harbor whale-watching cruise, go hang gliding over spectacular Byron Bay, take a dip with wild dolphins and seals, abseiling in Melbourne, a Queensland jet boat and helicopter experience, or take the Cage of Death crocodile experience in Australia’s Northern Territory.

A gift that’s kind to the environment


The planet is everything for us, and it’s also our playground, that’s why it was so important for Tinggly to take a firm stance when it comes to sustainability.

We’re not finished yet but we’re on the road to ensuring that every Tinggly experience is kind to the planet. Even if you happen to be worried that the helicopter ride you’ve just taken is harmful to the environment Tinggly can give you peace of mind. For every experience Tinggly calculates the carbon footprint and offsets this figure by a whopping 200%. Plus, our latest piece of innovation was to ensure that all Tinggly packaging is created from 100% recycled/recyclable materials and printed using only planet-friendly inks.

It might seem like a drop in the ocean, but it’s a beginning and they are our oceans we are trying to protect, along with our skies, our forests, and all of our places of natural beauty