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The continent of Australia extends over 2,500 miles (4,000km) from east to west, that’s an awful lot of adventures waiting to be discovered. In fact, much of Australia is still being discovered by both professional explorers and casual travelers alike. You don’t have to venture into the continent's vast and arid outback to create adventures, in Australia adventure is everywhere waiting for you. That’s why here at Tinggly we’ve gone to painstaking lengths to compile a comprehensive collection of Australia experience gifts, the perfect way to give a whole continent of experiences, adventures, and activities in one gift box. If you know someone who loves to travel the world, or someone who lives in Australia with a passion for making new discoveries in their own country, a Tinggly experience collection is an inspiring gift. From exploring the country’s incredible vineyards, horse riding on Byron Bay beach, or experiencing the world’s fastest jungle zip line, the list of amazing activities includes something for everyone.