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Alabama Experience Gifts

If you’re looking for some sweet home travel inspiration, Tinggly’s experience gifts in Alabama offer untold opportunities to enjoy some of the Cotton State’s most amazing coastal locations, in style.
If there’s someone you know that’s looking to escape into Dixieland and do something downright awesome, then right here’s where you sign up to good times ahead.
Tinggly experience gifts can be purchased as e-vouchers or as physical gift cards in a plastic-free presentation box. Also, there are NO expiry dates so happy-go-lucky gift-getters can choose from hundreds of great experiences whenever they’re ready to travel.
This unique and eco-friendly travel gift is the best way to give stories, not stuff.
No expiration date No expiration date
Easy refund Easy refund
Free exchange Free exchange
Easy booking Easy booking
Planet friendly Planet friendly
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Enjoy an Alabama experience collection

Tinggly’s experience gifts in Alabama are created for folk who’d prefer to be making magic memories rather than adding to the planet’s pile of material stuff. 

The actual gift giving and receiving process is very straightforward and provides the opportunity to encourage friends, family and colleagues to try something different or visit somewhere they’ve never been before.

Also, another unique feature of our gift experience collections is that there are zero expiry dates. This gives the recipient a chance to travel when the time’s suitable for them rather than having to rush into booking an activity before a specified date. 

There are literally 1000s of amazing experiences spread all across the world. And, if you’re hoping to find the perfect travel gift for your friends and family, here’s how you do just that.

How experience gifts in Alabama work

Firstly, choose a specific gift collection that you think would suit the person or people you’re buying for. It’s a good idea to base your decision around an event or an occasion as well as your budget.

Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to use Tinggly’s safe and secure online booking service. You can then submit your own message as well as the address that you want the gift card to be sent to. 

Another idea is to send the card for experience gifts in Alabama to yourself, then you can gift it in person. Alternatively, you can send it to anywhere else in the world so the recipient can pick it up and use it whenever they’re ready to do so. 

Cards are contained within plastic-free gift boxes that have been made from recyclable packaging. This provides extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting the planet.

Looking for more options? Why not send an experience gift collection as an e-voucher? This is a great idea if the recipient is on vacation or honeymoon, and also as a last-minute gift idea! 

Great gift ideas for travelers

Upon receiving an experience gift card by post or as an e-voucher, the recipient is invited to look at Tinggly’s online map of the world to choose where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do. 

Once they’ve made up their mind and decided on a date, all that’s left to do is get in touch and leave the rest to Tinggly’s dedicated reservations team. It’s that easy! 

This is one gift that’s guaranteed not to go out of date or be left unwanted on top of a closet. There’s so much choice that there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Romance, relaxation, culture, adventure – you name it and Tinggly gift experiences supply it! Let’s go!

Enjoy a selection of experience gifts in Alabama:

  • Best of Birmingham, Alabama, food and drink tour
  • Bienville Bites food tour in downtown Mobile
  • Polaris Slingshot day’s rental
  • Delta wildlife kayak tour for two
  • Walking foodie tour of downtown Fairhope

Awesome Alabama – we’ll be coming home to you!