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Delaware Experience Gifts

Experience gifts in Delaware make perfect presents for anyone wishing to explore in an historic, coastal region of east coast America. Your friends, family and corporate colleagues will all be super happy with this gift and relish the chance to try something unique in the Small Wonder State.

From the rolling hills and plateaux of the Piedmont to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coastal plain, Delaware definitely ticks all the right boxes for folk who love to live life to the max.

Delaware experience gifts are really easy to get your hands on. Also, they don’t have any expiry dates and come in eco-friendly, plastic-free, gift boxes. Basically, Tinggly gift cards are the latest, greatest travel gift to hit the streets because people just love making stories, not stuff.
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We all know someone who’s really hard to buy for, right? That aunt or brother or cousin. They just seem to want for nothing and are super hard to please. Well, Delaware experience gifts are going to blow their mind because they put the gift recipient in control. They choose the date, destination and the activity! It’s like being given the freedom to explore anywhere in the world, whenever you want! 

And, because Tinggly gifts never go out of date, there’s no rush when it comes to picking a time that’s right to travel. This is one gift card that will never be left behind gathering dust. And, even if it is, the card will still be valid in one, two or ten years from now. There isn’t a better travel gift!

Find out more about Tinggly’s Delaware experiences

So, these experience gift cards are super easy to buy, and super easy to use.

First, you check out Tinggly’s website and pick a gift experience collection suitable for an occasion, personality and your personal budget.

Then you use Tinggly’s safe and secure online purchasing service.

Last but not least, you add a note for the recipient and instructions as to where to send the gift card.

Our Delaware experiences are then either sent to you or the recipient by post or as an electronic e-voucher. The physical cards arrive in stylish, plastic-free, presentation boxes whereas the e-voucher appears in an in-box pretty much immediately after being purchased – perfect for last minute gifts!

What happens next?

When the gift recipient gets their card or e-voucher, they’re invited to go to Tinggly’s website and browse our interactive global map. This highlights hundreds of experiences all around the world.

Once a decision has been taken, it’s time to reach out to the friendly Tinggly booking team who’ll start the reservation process for the gift getter – first-class customer service is a given! 

You simply will not find as many choices within one package. No matter what the recipient wants to do: relax, indulge, let loose, or learn – you name it and experience gifts in Delaware, and beyond, provide the perfect opportunity to take off and make magical memories, not more stuff.

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  • Evening dolphin paddleboard excursion on Delaware Bay

Decide on Delaware, today!