Greece Experience Gifts

Greece, the birthplace of democracy, the fountain of philosophy and ideas, the cradle of modern culture, and the land of idyllic secluded islands where a welcome is always assured - just some of the reasons why a Tinggly Greece experience gift is so welcomed by lovers of travel and discovery.

From the bustling metropolis of Athens to tiny castaway islands Greece is guaranteed to be high on the list of all travelers in Europe. A Greece experience gift box is the perfect gift as an introduction to some of the most amazing travel experiences to be found anywhere in the world.
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Give discovery with a Tinggly Greece gift box


The theory of Pythagoras, the principle of Archimedes, and the geometry of Euclid may not excite everyone, but Greece, the birthplace of these three giants in the world of science and mathematics, has a thousand other reasons to set the hearts of travelers aflutter.

If you know of someone planning a visit to Europe, or more specifically to Greece, a Tinggly gift box containing a host of inspirational Greek experiences come as a premium means of opening a window into one of the greatest civilizations ever to have existed.

In the beautiful and richly diverse country of Greece experience gifts which will live long in someone’s memory are thick on the ground. Many modern-day influences that we may take for granted have their origins in the far-thinking minds of the country’s ancient founding fathers.

So what have the Greeks ever done for us?
  • Greece gave the principle of democracy to the world as early as the 5th century BC
  • The theater was a gift from the ancient Greeks
  • Dedicated to the supreme God, Zeus, the Greeks gave the world the Olympic games
  • If you want to know where you are on your travels, consult a map and thank the Greeks
  • Trial by jury was first established in Greece to prevent the crime of bribery
  • The alarm clock - not as you might recognize it, but they were the first
  • Philosophy - remember that the next time you ponder life, the universe, and everything
  • Medical practices and the Hippocratic oath
  • Anchors, cranes, and odometers
  • The marathon, and the shower you take after it
These are just a few of the amazing things which we might take for granted but originally came from Greece as gifts to the world.

The best Greece experience gifts you can give

As a present for curious travelers and explorers, Tinggly Greece experience gifts unlock the history of civilization inside a single gift box.

Imagine a Tinggly experience collection as the ultimate gift card to unlock Greece as a destination. Tinggly has hand-selected a collection of unforgettable experiences for you to gift from the comfort of your home; you choose a Tinggly gift box containing some amazing Greece experiences and let the recipient choose one experience that suits their tastes and their travel plans.

The recipient can choose one experience to fit into their travel plans, or even create an entire itinerary based on their choice.

But Greece isn’t just about history and culture. Home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes, unspoiled islands, deserted beaches and coves, bright blue skies, and non-stop sunshine, Greece is a veritable Mecca for holidaymakers. Whether on the water, in tiny quaint white-washed villages, or watching a sunset from the veranda of a family-run restaurant, Greece creates memories that will last a lifetime.

The Tinggly Greece experience gifts recipient can choose from:
  • A bungee jump in the famous Corinth Canal
  • A scooter tour on the island of Corfu
  • Scuba diving in crystal clear waters of Santorini
  • A full-day island cruise for two
  • An Athens cookery course and dinner for two
  • A professionally guided tour of the Acropolis in Athens
  • An exciting land rover safari on the island of Crete
And don’t forget, all Tinggly experiences and activities are designed to be fully sustainable and kind to the environment. In fact, Tinggly offsets any CO2 footprint by a huge 200%, and ensure that all gift boxes are created using 100% recycled and recyclable materials using planet-friendly inks.

Give someone a gift they will never forget - a Tinggly Greece experience gift - and open up a whole new world of discovery.