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Kentucky Experience Gifts

Our experience gifts in Kentucky have been created to give you the very best of this sultry south-eastern state. There isn’t a better way to get your friends and family to delve a little deeper and try something new. So, if you wanna access all areas, here’s the best way to do just that…
Tinggly’s gift card collections are really easy to get your hands on. They’re also super straightforward to use. But not only that, they’re also 100% kind to the environment and don’t have any use by dates! You simply won’t find a better travel gift card available anywhere else.
Take your pick from 100s of experiences in 100s of destinations across the world – this is the gift that keeps on giving – stories, not stuff.
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Keep up with Kentucky experiences

Experience gifts in Kentucky give your friends and relations the chance to see the Bluegrass State from a completely new angle. 

This is a sensational travel gift that you’ll want to recommend to absolutely everyone.

Because there aren’t any expiry dates, Tinggly gift card recipients are able to take advantage of a huge choice of experiences when they’re ready to do so. Not only that but lucky gift-getters can also decide what they’d like to do and where they’d like to do it. From thoroughbred horse farms to bourbon distillery tours and tastin’ sessions, there ain’t no better way to keep up with Kentucky. 

How do Kentucky experiences work?

It’s very easy to buy and use Tinggly’s experience gifts in Kentucky. 

All you have to do is pick a gift card collection that you think best suits the event, the recipient, and your finances.

Then you use Tinggly’s secure online purchasing service to pay for the gift card.

And, last but not least, you write a personalized message and label where the card should be sent.

What happens next?

Kentucky experience cards from Tinggly are then delivered in a plastic-free gift box gift or as an e-voucher by email – e-voucher is the best method for ‘just remembered’ last minute gift ideas! 

It’s the flexibility and the range of choice that’s turned Tinggly into one of the premier travel gift providers on the planet. Why not try for yourself and see what all the fuss is about?

Top travel gift ideas

Upon receiving the gift card or e-voucher, recipients are encouraged to try Tinggly’s interactive experience map to pick the perfect place and a suitable activity. After that, it’s over to team Tinggly who’ll take care of all other booking procedures. 

All that’s left to do is practise your patience as anticipation levels start to ascend!

Think there won’t be enough experiences to decide upon? 

Don’t panic! Experience gifts in Kentucky, and across the world, include 100s of great things to do in a rich variety of urban, rural and unique locations. From ‘us time’ and ‘fun time’ to full throttle adventures and fascinating cultural forays, this travel gift is for anyone that loves being in control.

Kentucky gift experiences from Tinggly:

  • Bourbon distillery tours and tastings, Bardstown
  • Fully guided zipline canopy tour through Kentucky River Palisades
  • Bourbon history river tour, Frankfort
  • Tour of a thoroughbred Kentucky horse farm, Lexington

Keep it real, keep it Kentucky!