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Hawaii Experience Gifts

Say Aloha to paradise, and aloha to a wealth of amazing experiences, with Hawaii gifts from Tinggly. The perfect way to celebrate any special occasion, and treat any special person, these unique gift cards are fantastic for friends and family that love to travel and explore the world.

With these Hawaii experiences, they can discover Hawaii, Maui, Kauai and Oahu on their own terms, whether it be stunning helicopter sightseeing flights, foodie tours, guided kayaking or swimming with dolphins. The most important point? They get to choose, and they don’t have any expiry dates to worry about. Hawaii experiences from Tinggly, a better way to see the world.
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Hawaii experiences for travelers that like to see things differently

The best Hawaii experience gifts are the ones they can choose themselves

What is it that makes Tinggly gift cards different? Well, many things, but here’s the most important. When you give somebody one of these gift cards, they can choose what they want to do, whenever and wherever it suits them. They have the choice of 100s of amazing activities in each gift box, meaning that whatever their passions, whatever their travel plans, there is something in there they’ve always wanted to try. So if you know someone headed to Hawaii some time soon, these Hawaii experience gifts will make a fine addition to their packing.

How Hawaii experiences from Tinggly work

Not all of us have that lucky ability to find brilliant gift ideas every time. But now, with Tinggly gift cards, you can get anybody a gift they’ll love, for any occasion, in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how.

  • Step 1: Select one of the online gift cards in the Tinggly collection according to the occasion or your budget
  • Step 2: Pay securely with a couple of mouse-clicks
  • Step 3: Add a personal message, and an address
  • Step 4: Relax, and wait for a happy phonecall

Hawaii experiences can be sent to the recipient anywhere in the world. They come wrapped in one of our stylish presentation boxes, made of 100% recycled or recyclable materials as part of our innovative Activist program. Send the gift box to yourself, if you’d like to hand it over in person. And for friends and family already traveling, just have their Hawaii gifts sent by email instead, arriving in their inbox within seconds - the ultimate in last-minute gift ideas!

Redeeming Hawaii experiences

It’s even easier for the recipient to redeem their Hawaii experience gifts. They simply need to scan the Tinggly map, look at the different activities open to them, and let our friendly team know what they want to do, and when. We take care of the booking on their behalf. 

Oh and by the way? These Hawaii experiences have NO expiration dates. So if the gift card gets forgotten about in a drawer for a while, or travel plans have to be postponed, it’s not a problem. You couldn’t ask for a more convenient or inspirational gift idea.

Hawaii experiences include:

  • A kayaking and snorkeling tour for two, from Kihei
  • A Maui surf school lesson, for two
  • A sumptuous introduction to Hawaiian food in Honolulu
  • Dolphin-watching and snorkeling off the coast of Oahu
  • A majestic helicopter sightseeing flight over Kauai
  • Thrilling shark cage diving off Oahu

Eco-friendly Hawaii experiences

We already mentioned the eco gift boxes we use as part of our Activist program. But our drive to create a more sustainable future goes way beyond that. When you buy Hawaii gifts for friends and family from Tinggly, we do the following on your behalf:

  • Offset the carbon footprint of the average experience by 200%

We’re helping to protect the environment one gift card at a time, so why not join us by choosing Tinggly Hawaii experiences for your eco-friendly gift ideas.