If the creator of some of the world’s most beautiful operas has something inspirational to say about a country, it’s probably worth listening to. Especially if you happen to be stuck for a really special wedding gift idea.

Giuseppe Verdi, the Italian composer of such operatic classics as Aida, La Traviata, Nabucco, Il Travatore, and Rigoletto, had this to say about his homeland – “You may have the universe if I may have Italy”.  

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a cadenza from a cavatina, or a tessitura from a tremolo, Italy – one of the world’s most coveted honeymoon destinations – is sure to welcome and embrace you with open arms.

Even if you’ve never been to a Verdi opera it’s highly likely that you know some of the most famous tunes. And, if you’ve never been to Italy you probably already have some well-formed images in your mind. That – along with the entire country being so desirable – is one of the main reasons why giving Italian gift experiences to newlyweds has become so hugely popular.

From Venice to Da Vinci and more

There are a million amazing experiences you can embrace along the entire length and breadth of Italy. From Lombardia in the north to Calabria at the country’s ‘toe’ every region is different holding unique attractions and flavors to capture the imagination of any couple.

In one wedding gift box, Tinggly gives you the ability to gift a choice of the most amazing experiences and adventures Italy has to offer. Here’s a small selection to get you started.

1 – A Tuscan wine tasting experience

Tuscany and great wines go hand in hand. From the region which is synonymous with world famous Chianti reds, Tuscany offers any couple the experience of immersing themselves in one of Italy’s oldest and most noble traditions – winemaking.

Whether you know a lot or even nothing about wine, this hugely enjoyable Tuscan experience is something the happy couple will never forget.

With the help of the experts, they will learn the basics of the winemaking process before embarking on a guided tour through the undulating Tuscan countryside and savoring the sight of endless rows of vines across the rolling Tuscan hills, so beloved by artists. Next, the lucky couple will visit the brimming cellars of two well-respected wineries to sample their wares, accompanied by a typical Tuscan light lunch of bruschetta with cheeses, cold cuts, and delicious pasta. What’s not to enjoy?  

2 – Kayaking the canals of historic Venice

Anyone who’s visited the beautiful Italian city of Venice knows that the water-bound city is prone to a little overcrowding, to say the least. That’s why the best way for any couple to experience the city is on the water, via the convoluted maze of canals and waterways.

Tour the city by kayak in the company of a friendly local guide who knows the city, and its history inside-out. Let the newlyweds marvel at the bustling piazzas, churches, and cathedrals soaked in the history of this once-autonomous republic, paddle beneath bridges crossed by artists, doges, and nobility, and admire the one-time homes of the Venetian aristocracy.

To add to the romance of this fabled city, the newly married couple may want to take their tour by evening when the city may be bathed in moonlight.

3 – Discover Cinque Terre on a day trip from Florence

Trust us, the newlyweds will love this experience.

Cinque Terre is the star of the Italian Riviera made up of a ribbon of charming fishing villages which meander along the rugged coast, and are well known for their dramatic, and picturesque cliff-top locations. These beautiful villages, complete with pastel-colored houses and unique authentic atmosphere make for an unforgettable experience for any visitor – of which there are many.

A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage site on a day trip from Florence will give the couple ample time to enjoy the beauty of Cinque Terre at leisure. Take time to stop for a refreshing drink in some airy waterfront hostelry, dip a toe in the Mediterranean, or watch the fishing boats return to port and unload their catch.

In the company of an expert guide, the happy couple can take a boat journey from Manarola to Monterosso. From there, a short train trip will take them to Vernazza and on to Riomaggiore for lunch with a backdrop of stunning sea views. The train will then continue to La Spezia where the honeymooners will be returned to the city by coach. All in all, an unforgettable experience for any romantic couple.

4 – The stunning Amalfi Coast day trip from Naples

With a Tinngly gift experience give the newlyweds the opportunity to experience Southern Italy’s most sought-after destination, the Amalfi Coast. With stunning views sure to captivate the hearts of every travel lover a drive along the Amalfi Coast is a lifetime experience and one which is sure to create a host of memories never to be forgotten. Traveling by comfortable air-conditioned coach in the company of an English-speaking driver and guide take full advantage of this unique tour in style.The Amalfi Coast has long been the inspirational muse of poets, writers, musicians, and artists, who came to the area in droves to immerse themselves in its history, architecture, myths, and legends, and to soak up the sheer beauty and atmosphere of the

surrounding Mediterranean landscape. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera on this hugely photographable experience.

5 – Angels and Demons experience in Rome

If uncovering mysteries, sleuthing historical myths and legends, or delving into the heart of enigmatic texts by Galileo and Dan Brown, then we think that the Angels and Demons experience in Rome is just right for you.

Your professional guide will take you on a journey through ancient churches, tombs, piazzas, and lead you through history to unravel the puzzles at the core of Brown’s pulsating bestseller. But don’t forget, even detectives of historical mysteries need comfortable shoes.

Visit the tomb of Emperor Hadrian in the Castel Sant’Angelo and discover the secretive Passetto di Borgo passageway which was used as a clandestine route connecting St. Peter’s Basilica to the fortress. This fortified passageway was used as a means of emergency escape for popes through the centuries.

Even if you have no previous knowledge of Dan Brown’s dark mysteries we can guarantee that the Angels and Demons tour will whet your whistle for uncovering further mysteries and exploring the magnificent ‘Eternal City’ in a whole new light.

6 – Last Supper and Milan Duomo Experience

This is not just one experience but a whole host of experiences that the happy couple will treasure for years to come. This compact tour covers Milan’s major highlights while offering priority access to many of the city’s closely guarded treasures.

Milan is not only the fashion capital of Italy but is the home to some of the world’s most famous works of art and architecture – including Da Vinci’s indisputable masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’ housed in the hallowed halls of the UNESCO World Heritage site Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

In the company of a professional and knowledgable guide, skip the long lines for VIP access to the convent, along with many other key Milanese sites like El Duomo (which took almost 6 centuries to complete) and the Church of San Maurizio.

The Honeymoon couple will enjoy a whirlwind tour of the city collecting memories, and photographs from the city’s more than impressive masterpieces; La Scala, Sforza Castle, the Church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, and the Church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro Public. This incredible, all-encompassing experience is perfectly designed for couples who are pressed for time but can’t afford to miss one of Italy’s highlights.

7 – Horseback riding in the Tuscan countryside

As beautiful as Florence might be your honeymoon couple will appreciate the opportunity to escape the crowds in the beautiful Tuscan countryside for a day of pure relaxation. After arriving at a rural vineyard, your guide will introduce you to the horses, your transport for the short ride through the lushness of the surrounding vineyard and countryside.

Even for the inexperienced, a one-hour easy horseback saunter is the perfect way to feel at one with nature, before returning to the winery to enjoy a typical and traditional Tuscan lunch.

Following lunch take a tour of the winery, get insights into the processes involved, and taste the fruits of the winemaker’s labors. Once the happy couple has tasted these tantalizing Tuscan creations, they may even want to bring home some bottles to sample in the comfort of their homes or hotel. This short trip into nature is the perfect way to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind.

Take your pick – all of Italy is waiting

Italy is a country overflowing with amazing experiences, welcoming locals, tastes to die for, artistic and cultural treasures famed the world over, spectacular landscapes, and enough adventures to fill a lifetime.

This is just short selection from the numerous adventures any honeymoon couple would adore. Just go to the Tinggly gift experience website, and in a couple of easy clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect wedding gift which any couple would love to receive.