What is the best way to reward employees this Labor Day?

We all love Labor Day. Why? Because it’s a chance to get together with family and friends for one last time before the Fall. Long weekends with no work mean more time to enjoy hobbies, sports and getting away from the daily grind. But there’s another way that workers can enjoy their time off.

Labor Day experience gifts for employees are a brilliant new way for company owners to reward their staff. This is less about giving material stuff and financial incentives, it’s more about acknowledging individuals and teams for a job well done throughout a very difficult year.

Experience gift collections allow individuals to choose from a huge selection of cultural, active and fun things to do. Remember, one size does not fit all when it comes to your workforce. Sharon in Accounts is a very different person to Pete in Marketing. Why would you give them the same gift?

But let’s get back to basics first. Why should companies reward their employees at all? They’re getting paid, right? They’re getting 6th September 2021 off work, yes? Do they deserve anything else when plenty of other people in America and Canada are unemployed right now? Let’s find out…

Why are Labor Day gifts for employees important?

Can you remember ever getting something from your boss that you truly valued? Was it a pen or a watch or even just your first paycheck? Sometimes all we really want are some kind words of encouragement, so we feel appreciated. However, getting a gift can really be the icing on the cake.

Gifts are important because they go beyond what we were perhaps expecting. They’re a chance to show a team or an individual that they’ve gone the extra mile this time around. Hard work has been noticed and rewarded. You mean more to the company than just being the nuts and bolts. 

This also works as an incentive for other, non-rewarded, employees too. They will see the carrot in front of them and want to work as hard as their colleagues, so they get rewarded in the same way next time around. But choosing what gift to give is just as important as giving in the first place.  

What Labor Day gifts work well for employees?

Experience gifts for employees work really well. These are given either as an eVoucher or in an eco-friendly gift box. The lucky employee then gets to choose from a huge selection of different experiences. It’s this type of personal choice that sets this gift apart from the rest.

Gift boxes are designed for different personalities. Sharon from Accounts might well love the Superwoman collection that contains 850+ experiences in 100+ countries. She could go on a boat ride in Bangkok on her next visit to Thailand or take a cultural food tour of Little Havana if she prefers sticking close to Miami. You can enjoy experiences at home or on vacation abroad.

How about Pete from Marketing? Now, he’s a real adrenaline junkie. That’s why we think Pete would love the best bungee jumps gift experience collection. He can throw himself off stuff from the UK to New Zealand. Alternatively, why not get Pete the skydive collection? Then he doesn’t even have to leave North America because there are skydive experiences all over the USA, and in Canada.   

What other experience gifts for employees are there?

Labor Day experience gifts are just brilliant for allowing recipients to choose what they want to do and where they want to do it. And you know the best thing about them? There’s NO expiry date. 

This means Sharon and Pete can park their experiences until they’re ready to take them. It also follows that the thoughtful employer is going to get kudos twice. Once when the gift is given and secondly when the gift is enjoyed. Imagine Pete hurtling through the air screaming: ‘I love you (insert employer’s name here).’ 

This really is the gift that keeps on giving. And so much more memorable than material stuff.

But the fun doesn’t stop with Sharon and Pete, oh no. Experience gift box collections come in a huge range of personality types. For him, for her, for them. All it takes is for employers to decide what collection best suits their employees and they’re all good to go.

Hotel getaway collections are also ideal Labor Day experience gifts for employees. They enable recipients, and a friend, family member or partner, to enjoy one or two night breaks all over North America, and beyond. Again, with NO use by date.

You could gift a hotel getaway on Labor Day 2021, and it could get used in 2022, 23, 24…

USA getaway gifts include enchanting New Orleans escapes, weekends in Washington and charming New England escapes. European getaway gifts feature everywhere from Rome, London and Paris to Greece, Germany and Spain. There are literally thousands of hotels for recipients to choose from. 

What better way to say well done and thanks on Labor Day than giving your employees the trip of a lifetime? Getaway gift collections are great for putting an idea into someone’s head. They may always have wanted to visit a country but never had a good enough reason. 

Well, now they have. All thanks to their employers.

What corporate gifts are best avoided?

Although experience gifts for employees are a brilliant way to reward teams and individuals there are some more traditional gifts that are definitely best avoided.

Branded items for one are just No. Imagine getting a mug, pen or t-shirt (really!) with the company logo emblazoned all over it. This is going straight in the trash rather than straight on the mantel or in the closet.

The same gift for the whole company. Every single member of your workforce is an individual. Although chocolates are nice n all, do you really want to give everyone the same wrapped box?

My wife recently got a bottle of Champagne as a gift from her work. In fact, everybody got a bottle of Champagne. We still haven’t drunk it because there’s never been the right occasion. It’s probably flat by now. Would she have preferred an experience gift with no use by date? Darn right she would.

Final thoughts…

So, if you’re looking for Labor Day experience gifts for employees this year, then well done you. You’re ahead of the curve when it comes to rewarding your staff members for what has been a thoroughly tricky year. 

Giving an experience is so much more memorable than a pen or mug or that never to be used bottle of bubbly. 

Also, we’re all well aware that we need to be living more sustainably in modern times. Making memories rather than more material stuff is one way that business owners can help save the planet and reward employees at the same time.

Happy Labor Day everybody! You deserve it this year, more than ever!