Here at Tinggly we regularly select one experience to highlight from across our complete experience gift collections. This week it’s the turn of the ‘Dream Wedding’ gift box and an adventure in Portugal with the unforgettable Douro Wine Experience.

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Visiting the wineries of Portugal’s incredible Douro Valley

One of the great experiences which the newlyweds might be wise to choose is the Douro Wine Experience for Two.

Portugal’s Douro Valley has for a very long time been hidden from the radar of travelers and experience seekers. However, the wines and Port wines cultivated and produced in this spectacular corner of Portugal have long been famous right around the world.

From your starting point in the always surprising city of Porto, this amazing one-day excursion of taste and discovery, across some of Portugal’s most breathtaking landscapes, you will visit the almost sacred birthplace of Port wine. Not only will you get to visit the vineyards of some of the world’s most famous wineries, and some of the most recognizable names, but you also get to sample the final products.

There are a thousand superlatives with which you could try to describe the Douro Valley, but the only way to truly understand this region which is soaked in centuries of wine-production is to come and sample it for yourself. 

For some, it is the sight of the endless terraces of vines which line the slopes of the wide, slowly-meandering Douro river. For others, it is the river itself and the history that flows along her course to the sea. And for many other visitors, it is the people, the food, and the special welcome given to all visitors which lasts a lifetime as treasured memories.

Your tour in the Douro Valley will be punctuated by a typical Portuguese rural lunch, accompanied by local wines of course, so, be sure to bring an appetite. After lunch, you will travel to the delightful parish of Pinhão for some of the most spectacular views in the entire region. 

Along with the amazing panoramas of the Douro, the vineyards, their magnificent estate house, there is also the opportunity to visit an ancient Roman settlement. The Romans came to northern Portugal and stayed due to their appreciation of the quality of the wines capable of being produced in the area.

The scenery of the Douro Valley is beautifully romance inducing, it conjures up images that will be replayed over and over again in memory for years to come.

Portugal, it has to be said, is a spectacular country for a multitude of reasons. Standing tall on the podium of the country’s most precious treasures is the Douro region. What happy couple wouldn’t appreciate the chance to indulge themselves in this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience?

When you give a Tinggly gift experience as a wedding present, you can be assured that you have given a gift that will add to the quality of the couple’s life. Not only when the gift is experienced in reality, but every time those experiences are recalled in memory and story.

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And finally, Tinggly experiences – unlike many other experience or travel vouchers – is not curtailed by an expiry date. Tinggly gifts are open-ended for the recipient to enjoy when they want.


If you happen to be staying in the area for a few extra days, a visit to the Douro Valley wine museum (Museu do Vinha) in the town of São João da Pesqueira is a must.