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Experiences make unique wedding gifts for every type of couple

The challenge of finding wedding gifts that you know the happy couple will love is one of the classic First World problems! But with wedding experience gifts from Tinggly, inspiration is easy, and you can be sure that yours will be one of the most exciting and memorable wedding presents they receive.

Why you need useful wedding day gifts

The practise of getting people wedding gifts stems from the days when couples would not spend any time living together until they were married. So after their wedding they would need support from friends and family in setting up home. Practical wedding gifts were naturally popular, from cooking utensils to bedding. 

Obviously today things are a lot different, and many couples will have lived together for some time, often years, before tying the knot. In which cases, the chances are they have everything they need for their home already, and their wedding gift list ideas if they have one are likely to involve upgrades of their existing homeware, or stuff to bring out on special occasions. Despite that though, it’s still traditional to get wedding day gifts, if only to show your appreciation for being invited to share their big day.

The average cost of a wedding in the USA is $38,700, and in the UK £33,000. Terrifying numbers, right? Although those figures do include the rings and the honeymoon as well as the ceremony and reception. So bringing wedding gifts along is only right, when we consider what they’ve spent on ensuring their guests have an amazing day and evening. 

Experiences make the best wedding gift ideas

Many couples now eschew the standard wedding gift list, and instead ask for contributions to their honeymoon fund. Again, fair enough, but there’s not much excitement either for them or for you in making a bank transfer, or handing over an envelope stuffed with cash. 

On the other hand, wedding experiences make for unique and thrilling gift ideas for couples. Research has shown that experiences are more emotionally satisfying than material items. The anticipation of an experience, and the memories associated with it afterwards, will carry far more value for the couple than a new bed set or a set of expensive candle sticks. 

What are wedding experience gifts?

Wedding experiences are activities designed with couples in mind. The dedicated Tinggly team has tracked down and handpicked 100s of the world’s greatest wedding experience gifts, from over 100 countries, and brought them all together in one place. They’re fantastic gifts for travelers of course, and will clearly make really useful honeymoon gift ideas.

The aim of Tinggly wedding gifts is to ensure there is something for everyone. In a typical wedding gift box the happy couple will find:

  • Romantic experience gifts  such as hot air balloon flights at sunrise or sunset, over iconic cities and landscapes, or watching the Northern Lights in frozen Lapland
  • Adventurous experience gifts from bungee jumps to white water rafting, whale-watching to snowmobile tours
  • Cultural experience gifts that range from guided sightseeing tours by helicopter, tuk-tuk or horseback to cookery lessons with expert local chefs

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It’s rare nowadays for people to get married without knowing each other well. If they’re taking the next step in their relationship then they probably already have a lot in common (let’s hope so!), and so wedding experience gifts for couples can bring them even closer together. They can help them share their existing interests and passions, or perhaps even develop new hobbies.

In short, wedding experiences let them create lifelong memories, and you just don’t get that option with a gift list at a department store.

LGBTQ wedding gift ideas

If you’re looking for great LGBTQ wedding gifts, these experience vouchers will be just the thing. Unique, romantic and inspirational. Why go the traditional route when you can find something a lot more exciting without having to trawl the shops?

What makes wedding experience gifts from Tinggly different?

With most experience gift cards, you’re buying somebody a specific activity that they need to do before a set date. With these original wedding gift ideas from Tinggly, it’s the opposite. The recipients get to choose, exchanging their gift cards for one of 100s of experiences around the world at a time and date that suits them. All you’re doing is giving the gift of choice. It makes finding great wedding gifts very easy for you, and for them it means they can have hours of fun just deciding what to do!

Wedding experience gifts from Tinggly have NO expiry dates. Couples can use them to give their honeymoon a little extra zing, but if they want to save their gift cards for the future there’s nothing stopping them. And even if they lose their wedding gift vouchers for a while, say at the back of a drawer or pinned to the fridge and forgotten about, it’s not a problem. They’re as useful two years from now as they are next week.

Eco-friendly wedding day gift ideas

Our wedding gift ideas aren’t just simple to use and satisfying to use, they’re sustainable too. The world faces enormous environmental challenges at the moment, and we all want to leave it in a better place for future generations to enjoy exploring too. That’s why we’ve launched our innovative Activist program.

When you buy wedding gifts from Tinggly, we automatically enrol you into the Activist program. There’s nothing more for you to do and no extra cost involved, but every time we sell a wedding gift box we pledge to do the following:

  • Work with our partners ClimateCare to offset the carbon footprint of the average experience in our collection by 200%. We know that carbon offsetting isn’t the answer to climate change, but we feel it’s a step in the right direction.
  • Send all of our wedding gifts packaged in presentation boxes that are made entirely from recycled or recyclable materials (unless you choose to have your gift cards emailed instead).

Experiences make great bachelor party gift ideas too

Travel experiences aren’t just unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything. They can also make brilliant bachelor party gifts and hen party gifts. If you want to see them off into married life in style, who’s to say you can’t give them a wedding gift box a little earlier than the big day? As bachelor party gift ideas go it’s got a lot more style and substance to it than another round of shots!

How do wedding experience gifts work?

This is the best part. Organising wedding gift experiences for couples is a matter of just a few minutes. Here’s how you can find the best wedding gifts for anyone:

  1. Choose from the various wedding gift boxes in the Tinggly collection
  2. Pay securely online with a few clicks of your mouse
  3. Add a personal message for the happy couple
  4. Add an address (your own if you’d like to hand it over in person at the wedding)

We can send your wedding gifts anywhere in the world, arriving in a stylish and lightweight presentation box that will really stand out on the gift table. 

Once the happy couple have received their wedding gift box they can pop it open and start browsing the Tinggly map straightaway to see the many different wedding experiences for couples open to them. To make a reservation, it’s simply a matter of getting in touch with the friendly Tinggly team.

And remember: there are NO expiry dates on these unique wedding gifts!

Can I use experiences for anniversary gifts too?

Here’s hoping the couple enjoy a long and happy married life together. You can be certain they’ll love the idea of sharing an experience together as a way to celebrate their nuptials.

And when it comes to celebrating their years together in the future, our anniversary experience gifts are a great way to mark every milestone. We look forward to seeing you back again. 

The best wedding gifts last forever

But isn’t an experience quite an ephemeral thing? Wouldn’t more traditional wedding gift ideas be more appropriate?

Not in the slightest. The reason why Tinggly experience gifts make such fabulous wedding gifts is exactly because the memories afterwards can last the couple a lifetime. At dinner parties to come, when they’re reminiscing with family and friends, are they going to be talking about the set of picture frames or cutlery that someone gave them as wedding day gifts?

No, they’ll be talking about the time they took a wine-tasting tour of the Napa Valley, or went scuba diving with manta rays at night, or explored Tuscany on Vespa scooters, or had afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace, or sand-boarded down a volcano in Nicaragua on their honeymoon. All of which they’ll discover with wedding experiences from Tinggly. The years might have passed but the memories will be as fresh as ever.

For the best wedding gifts, give stories, not stuff.