Let’s clear something up for once and for all.

The country name, Holland, refers to only two provinces of this pretty and compact European nation – Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. If you want to refer to the entire country then (officially) it becomes the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

As part of Tinggly’s ‘Ultimate Collection,’ we’ve included this super local experience – Grand Holland: Rotterdam, Delft & the Hague for Two. Let’s take a closer look and see what great surprises are waiting for you to be discovered.

Many people who visit the Netherlands arrive in Amsterdam, a truly charming city. However, by only visiting Amsterdam you’re not getting a true picture of what the country has to offer.

This great Tinggly Netherlands experience gift is just one of over 900 experiences included in the amazing ‘Ultimate Gift’ collection and is a must for anyone visiting this great part of the world.

This super fun tour – for two – begins in Rotterdam, a city of many characteristics, from its image as a hard-edged port city, to its reputation as a city with great nightlife, stunning architecture, and a well-known center for the promotion of culture and the arts. In addition to all of that, Rotterdam is also one of the busiest working ports anywhere in the world.

It’s also fair to say that Rotterdam is an architect’s heaven, with a skyline constantly in a state of change. Interspersed in among the city’s many skyscrapers are great bars and clubs, funky restaurants and quaint eateries, shopping centers, art galleries, museums, and a massive range of local attractions.  

Around every corner, you’re sure to come across another amazing sight to grab your attention. But, if that’s not enough for you, included in the tour is a visit to Euromast, Holland’s tallest tower where you’ll be treated to a bird’s-eye view of this great city. Plus, no visit to Rotterdam would be complete without visiting the city’s iconic yellow-cube houses followed by lunch at the tempting food stall of the Markthal.

Photo by Stijn Hanegraaf on Unsplash

Next up on this great Tinggly experience is a chance to break your bus journey with a visit to the city of Delft – the home of the Dutch art master, Johannes Vermeer. Here you’ll get a chance to shop for the famous Blue Delft pottery so beloved the world over and learn a little about the ceramic’s history and manufacturing process.

After a short but comfortable bus ride, it’s time for the tour to alight in Holland’s beautiful city by the sea, The Hague. The city is very proud of the fact that it is the only major city in the country with North Sea beach on its doorstep. It’s also very proud of the fact that The Hague is the home of the Dutch government which is run from the hugely historic Binnenhof.

Here you are going to learn all about the workings of the Dutch government during a hugely entertaining and informative tour. You’ll get to see Houses of Parliament and the famed Peace Palace before a visit to the icon of The Hague, Madurodam.

Photo by Jace & Afsoon on Unsplash

Madurodam is a great way to find out about all things Dutch, in a fun and innovative manner. Madurodam is all about the Netherlands in miniature, canals, house, tulip fields, cheese markets, and the country’s iconic buildings and landmarks have all been miniaturized letting you discover the whole country in double-quick-time.

As a bonus, once your tour of Rotterdam, Delft, and The Hague has finished, the Tinggly experience includes a really awesome voucher for an Amsterdam canal cruise. How cool is that? Whether you call it Holland or the Netherlands, there really is something to suit every taste on this amazing experience tour of one of Europe’s great destinations.