Finding the perfect gift for men can often be difficult. Whether it be your husband, your boyfriend, your brother or your Dad, sometimes it’s a near-impossible challenge to think of something they want or need in their life that they don’t already have.

But if you’re tired of relying on a fresh set of toiletries or novelty underwear, then you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this list of unique gift ideas for guys.

Gig Tickets

Presumably if you’re buying them a gift, you know them reasonably well. You should have at least a fair idea of what kind of music they like, whether they enjoy stand-up comedy, or sports. So spend a little time researching upcoming events in their local area and if a band they love or a comedian they find funny is coming to town soon, buy them a couple of tickets. It’s thoughtful, and so long as you buy two, even if you don’t personally want to go along they’re sure to find someone else who’d like to join them.Gig TicketsLunch Box Subscription

If he’s got a busy job then chances are he may often not find time to grab lunch, or even worse, relies on unhealthy junk food to get him through the day. There are now many subscription lunch box services you can sign him up to, and ensure that a delivery of fresh, healthy food arrives on his desk every day of the week. With some of these schemes he can even personalise the menu so he only gets meals and snacks that he likes.Lunch Box SubscriptionA Mini-Fridge

The ideal gift for men who love watching sports or movies at home, a mini-fridge means that he’s never more than a few steps away from a cold beer or a snack. Some of these stylish fridges are even portable, so they can come in handy for festivals, road-trips and camping too!A Mini-FridgeAmazon Echo

“Alexa – what are the football scores?”

“Alexa – play me some AC/DC”

“Alexa where did I leave my car keys…ah forget it”

The latest technological revolution for the home is devices such as the Amazon Echo, with virtual personal assistants that can stream music, adjust your heating and provide information on everything from weather to traffic to scorelines. A must-have gift for men who like to have everything at their fingertips.Amazon EchoCocktail Shaker

Help him put together a Manhattan, a Tom Collins or a Bloody Mary in moments with a stylish cocktail shaker. Garnish with a recipe book (if required) and maybe a couple of spirits and mixers to get him started. Perfect for impressing guests in the man-cave, or mixing up a storm at dinner parties.Cocktail ShakerBrewery Tour

With the craze for microbrewing and craft beers showing no signs of slowing up anytime soon, how better to give your favourite home-brewer some valuable inspiration than with a guided brewery tour? Better yet, select a package from the Tinggly experience gifts collection, and he can choose from a wide range of brewery and distillery tours around the world. An ideal gift for travellers.Brewery TourWork Pillow

If he’s putting in the hours at the office a lot, encourage him to take things a little easier with a comfortable pillow. His colleagues might get jealous, his boss might take exception, but he can always argue that legendary figures from Napoleon to Churchill and JFK wore by the occasional power nap.Race Car Driving ExperienceRace Car Driving Experience

This is always a fantastic gift for men that feel the need for speed. Gift him a high-octane thrill ride around a track in a high-performance sports car, such as a stylish classic Aston Martin or a Ferrari. Also available in the Tinggly collection, these experiences are guaranteed to have him buzzing before, during and after he gets in the driving seat.