Ideal gifts for Digital Nomads

What to get for the digital nomad in your life? That lucky person who has the opportunity to travel the world, working wherever they can get an internet connection? Yes we’re all a little jealous, but we do miss them an awful lot too, so when birthdays, Christmas or other special events roll around, here’s some digital nomads gifts we think they, and you, will love…

Amazon Gift Cards

Even seeing the world can get boring at times, whether you’re stuck in your hotel room during a downpour, or on a long flight. Amazon gift cards make great gifts for the nomad, because they allow them to quickly and easily download films, music, TV shows or books onto their mobile devices for instant entertainment. Kindle subscriptions are also a nice thought – relatively inexpensive and providing hours of enjoyment.


It’s often said that Tinggly experiences make the perfect Christmas gifts for nomads, backpackers and adventurers but in all honesty, we think a Tinggly voucher is a fantastic gift for digital nomads for any occasion. We’ve handpicked 100s of the world’s best experiences around the world, from the romantic to the cultural, the adrenaline-packed to the pampering, and put them all together on one map. Tinggly is easy to use, and so satisfying for the lucky recipient!

A nice bed for the night

It might seem glamorous, but the life of a digital nomad isn’t always easy. Sometimes your internet connection is shockingly bad, causing delayed work and stress. Sometimes you miss a flight or a train. Sometimes you just plain want to be home. One thing that we can do for friends and family who have been on the road for a while is give them a little slice of luxury, if only for one night. Buy them a stay in a fancy hotel where they can enjoy a bath, room service or complimentary toiletries. Buy them an AirBnb gift card so they can upgrade their accommodation to something weird, wonderful or super high-end. Or treat them a stay in a fancy spa, where they can give tired feet a rub down, and soothe their travel aches, pains and stresses away.


With limited room in bags, and weight restrictions on flights, Christmas gifts for backpackers necessarily must be lightweight. A lot of modern technology is not only useful and fun, but also, handily, very small. Think about a Fitbit for example, that can help travelers to stay in shape while on the road. Maybe a portable travel iron that’s ideal if they need to make a good impression with a client. What about a GoPro so they can record their adventures with a rugged video camera that fits into the palm of their hand? A smart suitcase or jacket that let them charge devices on the go? A cool new piece of tech that recently hit the market and that we love is the Ostrich pillow – a mini-sleeping environment that makes it easy to snooze on planes, trains, or even at a desk. Help your digital nomad stay fresh and relaxed by giving them technology as a gift.

Packing Cubes

Ever packed for long-term travel? Fitting everything into your backpack can be a nightmare, even after paring it down to the bare essentials. Packing cubes are a simple but fantastic invention that squish clothes together so well that you can find yourself with double the space you had before. Sure the clothes will probably need an iron afterwards, but your average digital nomad is probably more concerned with easy lightweight travel than looking super-sharp.

A Portable Hammock

Maybe this should be the most obvious. Every traveler, whether they’re working on the road or not, should have one of these babies in their bag. All you need is two trees close together and hey, instant relaxation. Just add cocktails.