Inspiring travel ideas, when things get back to normal

The inspiring travel ideas of one person, may not be the inspiring travel ideas of another. Thankfully, when it comes to travel inspiration, we are spoiled for choice. The world – whatever we may think of it just now – is a banquet of diverse experiences just waiting for those who are willing, and able to travel.

We don’t even have to venture so far as to compare the depth of contrast between deserts and oceans, or mountains and lowlands, the inspiration for travel is all around us. From village to village, and from town to town, one person’s mundane is other person’s exotic.

A woman in modern Rome, who for years has passed the historic ruins of the once-great Coliseum on her daily commute to work, may be blind to what another, from a different land, and a different culture, may see as the ultimate in the exotic. A farm worker, soaked by wind and rain in the mountains of Scotland may be the envy of an impoverished Kenyan for whom the thoughts of rain and abundant greenery are as far-fetched as a voyage to the moon.

Travel, is not just the act of getting from A to B, travel begins with the seed of inspiration, and culminates in a lush crop of vivid stories and memories to nurture the soul for a lifetime.

Where do we find our travel ideas?

Long before the dawn of inspirational travel books, magazines, websites, blogs, videos, and movies, there has always been travelers. The human species evolved and prospered because of the constant need to keep moving. To find new sources of food and shelter. To meet, and mix with new cultures and learn from their experiences. And also, from the simple, but unquenchable desire to see what, if anything, lies over the next hill, or around the next bend in a river.

The need, and the desire to travel, is as hard-wired into the human psyche as is the need to eat, to sleep, and to survive.

For many ancient travellers, that need to travel was as simple as the quest for knowledge. To know more, and to add to the store of collective experiences. 

From the Greek poet Homer, who lived and traveled in the 6th century BCE, right up to the relatively modern exploits of Yuri Gagarin or Michael Palin, the inspiration behind their travels has been as individual as their personalities. And that, up to this day has not changed. 

However, for most of us, we no longer need to travel to survive, to discover a new continent, or summit and unconquered peak, our need for travel is not so noble, but is every bit as important to us personally.

Travel, for most us in the 21st-century, is a means of keeping our minds alive, our body rested, our senses refreshed, and our curiosity satisfied.

How travel ideas are transformed into reality

So where do we find our inspiration to travel?

According to Statista – the leading global business platform – in 2019 the world tourism market was valued at an estimated US$2.9 trillion. With that sort money at stake the marketing of tourist destinations, transport, and hospitality has never been more important. It seems that every village, region, and country wanted to pick their share of the golden fruits from what was – before 2020 – an ever generous money tree.

The gain entry to the garden where the money tree blooms, tourism organisations have to pay a hefty entrance fee. This fee comes in the form of advertising, endorsements, brand awareness, and generally putting their product in front of the faces of a public in love with travel.

How this money is spent varies from region to region and from country to country. From colourful handmade flyers left in a village hotel’s reception area, advertising Farmer Brown’s petting zoo, to the world’s top sporting teams taking to the field with the name of entire country emblazoned on their shirts, tourism is big business.

Eventually, this marketing money trail trickles it way down to you and finds you wherever you may be. On your TV set, or your work computer screen, on the sides of public transport as you make your way home from a long hard day, in the pages of glossy magazines, through product placement in your favourite movie or video game, as your trawl through your favourite social media channels, and from the constant advice of family and friends. 

Seemingly, the inspiration to travel is everywhere – even now, in a world beleaguered by a global pandemic.

Some post-COVID travel ideas to inspire you

Saying that 2020 has been difficult is somewhat of an understatement. But, finally, there is a shining light of hope on the horizon, especially for those with a passion for travel.

It seems that now, more than ever before, our desire to travel to new places, (safely of course) and make our own new discoveries has never been so overwhelming. Many of us no longer want to tread the beaten path, but like true pioneers we wish to strike camp and set out to new lands, and have new experiences that in the past seemed outside of comfort zones.

And the good news is that many destinations, both discovered, and new, are ready and waiting for your arrival once the green light has been given.

To make your decision a little easier, or perhaps just to provide some extra inspiration, we’ve put together a short list of destinations you may not have considered. These inspirational ideas may be for you, or as a gift for someone special. 

Inspiring Tinggly travel ideas for everyone

Tinggly has scoured the globe in search of the greatest travel experiences available. From relaxing spa treatments in Thailand or cookery classes in the idylls of rural Italy, to challenging rock climbing courses in California or the thrills of skydiving in Namibia, Tinggly can provide the inspiration for travels that become experiences, that become stories.

Hidden France

When most people think of France they immediately think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, Montmarte, fine dining, historic chateaux, and stunning art collections. But for those who wish to be truly inspired by their travels, France has a deep well of refreshing hidden experiences waiting for discovery. 

France is home to some of the finest wines on the planet, but to truly embrace the experience the more adventurous spirits demand to sample the wine making process for themselves. As a great Tinggly travel idea why not whisk your way to beautiful French countryside in the bucolic idylls of Provence and experience traditional wine making first hand. There is nothing quite as rewarding as ‘stomping’ your own grapes, a feeling which connects you to the earth, and to a way of life that has existed for centuries.

Vietnam with a twist

As a post-Covid travel idea, it seems clear that the country of Vietnam is growing in popularity. However, many travellers will visit the capital, Hanoi, and follow the usual tourist trail through this warm and welcoming country. And while that may be hugely rewarding in itself, Tinggly can offer the chance to partake in a unique tour that allows you to embrace the real Vietnam.

On a three-day motorbike tour of this dazzling country you’ll get to experience a side some amazing facets of the country that most tourists never get to see. Traveling over mountain paths, making pit stops to visit mushroom farms, silk factories and dine with the locals in a local restaurant. Witness the majesty of the splendid Elephant Falls along with a visit to a working coffee plantation, before spending the night at the memorable Lak Lake in a traditional longhouse of the M’nong Hill tribe. In the morning meet with the tribes-people and hear about their lives, their culture, and their families. The trip continues through native markets, in to wild to swim in clear natural pools beneath cascading waterfalls. With so many experiences to discover, from forest and mountain, to city and coast, this amazing trip is a thrill from start to finish.  

New Zealand from above

New Zealand is one of the major success stories of the COVID pandemic having managed to keep the entire country almost free of the virus and its effects. But for anyone who knows anything about this land of constant variety and wonder, you’ll understand that New Zealanders, while fun-loving, are serious about their keeping their country pristine, clean, and safe for all who are warmly welcomed there.

That’s why New Zealand is so often placed on the top of travelers’ bucket lists. Along with its sheer natural beauty, encompassing city, sea, mountains and scenery that has to be seen to be believed, the country affords enough space for everyone to enjoy. If you’re stuck for time Tinggly can offer an amazing Helicopter ride over New Zealand’s stunning Fox Glacier – Te Moeka o Tuawe in Maori. Your flight will be the envy of all who hear you tell of magical panoramas from the dawn of time, glaciers and icefalls, crevasses, and views ranging from the mighty Alps to the Pacific Ocean. Only with this life-inspiring helicopter flight will you truly value the sense of scale which the Islands nation has to offer.

The wonders of Ethiopia

One of Africa’s safest and most welcoming countries, Ethiopia famed as the cradle of humanity, sits landlocked and split majestically in two by the continent’s great Rift Valley. You may not have given this inspirational country much thought, but as the point of origin for the humble coffee bean, Ethiopia has most likely played a more important part in your life than you ever imagined.   

As a unique post-Covid Travel idea, Ethiopia is guaranteed to provide you with a rich tapestry of unforgettable experiences. A Lasa mountains hiking experience is the ideal way to sample a wide selection the country’s real treasures. Led by a professional guide venture into the Lasta mountains where you will interact with the local farming communities and learn about their way of life, while having the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of amazing wildlife. From wolves and vultures, to the famous Gelada baboons, Ethiopia is wrongly overlooked as a paradise for wildlife lovers. Visit ancient monasteries and the famous rock-carved churches of Lalibela, while discovering Ethiopia’s place at the centre of the three major Abrahamic religions. As a first-time African experience Ethiopia comes as the perfect gateway to discovering the rest of this mysterious continent.

Safari in Panama

The Central American country of Panama is much more than just a marine link between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Panama is a wild rain forest-cloaked country, home to many diverse and abundant forms of wildlife. One of the most special locations throughout the entire country is the surprising Lake Gatun, a manmade lake created during the construction of the Panama Canal but now the location of spectacular tropical forests that echo to the sound of exotic birdsong.

A safari on Lake Gatun will introduce you to the cheeky tree-top dwellers of Monkey Island, along with indigenous species of intriguing birds, reptiles and mammals. There is the opportunity to encounter crocodile, sloth, iguana, while learning the history of one of the most daring engineering achievements in history – the Panama Canal. Become part of the whole marine experience onboard a motorboat and get a ringside view as gargantuan ocean-going vessels navigate the waterway connecting east and west. Despite being the hub of international marine navigation, the surrounding countryside remains wild and almost unspoiled. Delve even further into the local culture with a native lunch in one of the lake’s floating restaurants, or meet the locals before taking a refreshing swim, a silent kayak trip, or even a spot of fishing. Panama comes as a real surprise to anyone who has visited, whether as a single-destination trip, or as part of exploring the other countries and regions of Central America.

Inspiring travel ideas are everywhere

The above was just a mere glimpse at some fascinating future travel ideas, but the world is a big place that guarantees a place of inspiration for everyone. The single thing to keep in mind when searching for that inspiration, is not what you’ve been sold, but what lies deep within yourself. 

What are passions? What dreams have you held secretly throughout your life? What magic do you imagine exists in the world? Open an atlas, explore the world with your fingertips, then dig deeper, wherever you stop, you are sure to find inspiring travel ideas everywhere. And when it’s safe to travel again, you will already have done the ground work, and are already armed with the knowledge to make your post-covid travel ideas come springing to life.