Locked down for Valentine’s Day

Now, before you get all excited at the prospect of furry hand cuffs and other forms of recreational restraints – please take a moment to keep calm and maybe take a cold shower. The lock down we’re talking about this Valentine’s Day is due to the seemingly never-ending global pandemic that we’re still currently experiencing. Talk about 50 shades of so over it!

But before I digress into a first world rant about not being able to take my loved one out to her favorite restaurant and the obvious disadvantages of purchasing sexy underwear, online, I’d like to consider a few reasons why February 14th in 2021 might actually work out to be okay.

Firstly, because there’s nowhere to go it really does narrow down the things to do options. It’s often quite tricky to decide on somewhere that you both want to go to around this time of year. Also, February 14th is an absolute nightmare for availability and prices are always pushed up to the max. My wife’s birthday is on 15th February so please feel my pain when it comes to evenings out.

Secondly, if you’re a couple living apart and you’re not able to get together, due to local lock down restrictions, then you don’t even have to worry about meeting up. There’s nothing more romantic than inviting a girlfriend over for a cozy candle-lit meal for two but there’s also nothing that beats not having to do the washing up. We’re all winning here, right?

Being locked down for Valentine’s Day is already starting to look pretty rosy! Of course, I’m joking. Sort of. There are lots of lovely things that couples can do together without having to get together. From romantic meals for two on Zoom or screen time strolls along the sea shore to sending love letters through the post or penning a poem before reading it out over Skype. 

A little imagination can go along way this year.

There is one gift however, that really does tick all the lock down boxes. It can be purchased online, sent as an email or through the post, and doesn’t rise in price just because it’s close to February 14th. Also, this gift helps to create a close personal bond between the sender and the receiver. 

Tell me more!

Giving a loved one a getaway gift for Valentine Day 2021 is just about the best thing that you can possibly do this year. Not only are getaway gifts for her, and for him, they’re also a great way to get excited about the future. We may feel like we’re stuck on Groundhog Day but thanks to the vaccination program there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

So, if you’re looking for a few more reasons why a Valentine day getaway gift will get your other half loved up in lock down, read on because right here is where you bring on the romance.

Future happiness

There’s nothing that says I love you and want to be with you for many more years to come other than a gift that can be enjoyed in the future. Getaway gifts are all about picking a great place to stay and a new city to explore. Planning things to do together is a great way to ramp up the excitement levels as the departure date gets ever closer. Book a hotel or resort for one or two nights in New York or London or Paris and your future happiness is practically guaranteed. All that’s left to do is learn the language, check out the local dishes, and get ready for romance. 


All Tinggly getaway gifts can be exchanged for a different hotel in a different country. So if a loved one isn’t keen on a two night stay in Krakow and would like to swap for Catalan charm in Barcelona then it’s really easy to do so. Giving a gift that can be exchanged for something else is a really good way to show that you appreciate someone’s feelings. You’re not being all dominant and demanding, you’re enabling new ideas to take root and flourish. Who knows where you’ll end up?

Freedom of choice

Valentine getaway gifts are also about encouraging freedom of choice. Tinggly getaway gifts come as complete collections. You can choose hotels and resorts all over the USA, or Europe or even choose multi country staycation collections. Sending your Valentine a choice of destinations is really important as you’re hinting at what you’d like to do but not saying it’s your way or the high way. Freedom of choice is all about co-operating together and working as a couple to find a connected outcome.

Shared excitement

Giving a getaway gift for Valentine’s Day isn’t just for him or for her it’s to be shared. Although you might have brought the gift, you’re hopefully going to be able to enjoy it together. This shared excitement is a brilliant way to keep up the good vibes that you find on February 14th and continue them going forwards, right up to the departure date. If you’re not living together you can get excited over the phone as you tick off the days on your calendar. Once we’re all allowed to travel again there will be no stopping you both when it comes to lift off.

No wrapping required

Traditional Valentine gifts can often require a lot of unwanted wrapping and packaging. Not only is it time consuming to do it yourself – and shows you have the wrapping skills of a four year old – but it can also do damage to the environment. Far too much plastic is used in wrapping paper and in the boxes that are used to send stuff through the post. Tinggly getaway gifts are either sent as emails or delivered in plastic-free gift boxes. This means that you’re showing that you care for the planet and for your Valentine. 

An emotional connection

It’s actually been scientifically proven that shared experiences create an emotional connection between the two people involved. What better way to say to your Valentine that you’re in the relationship for the long term other than presenting them with a weekend getaway gift in one of the world’s capital cities? Making magical memories, together, means that you’ll always have something to look back on. And, who knows, maybe in the future you’ll want to return to that hotel overlooking the lake but this time with a couple of kids in tow?

Try something new

If you’ve ever wanted to try something new with your partner then an experience gift is a great way to do just that. Imagine being able to taste your way around Brussels or go on a gondola in Venice? How about enjoying a hot air balloon flight or taking to the air in a helicopter? Trying new things is a great way to find out more about each other and unlock different skills that you never knew you had. You’ll also be making magical memories at the same time – what’s not to like?

Getaway together

Sometimes the day to day drudgery of life can be truly mind-numbing, especially so in lock down. If you’re able to give a getaway gift this Valentine Day then you’ll already be planning your escape to somewhere a lot more exciting. From mini-breaks in over 100 different countries to two nights for two in 100 capital cities, getting away together is the best way to see things from a new perspective. Forget the washing up or the ironing for a few days as you prepare to jet off into the sunset once lock down’s finally over.

Guilt free gifts

Sometimes Valentine’s Day gifts can be, well, slightly tinged with guilt. Traditional chocolate boxes, roses wrapped in cellophane, and lavish luxury items sent from the farthest corners of the globe can all add up to something of a headache for the environment. Also, many of theses items aren’t always made in the most ethical of circumstances. With Tinggly getaway and experience gifts you always know that you’re getting something that’s plastic-free and carbon neutral. What better way to say to your loved one that you care about them just as much as you do about the planet?  

Lots of time to plan

Although this February 14th still finds us in global lock down don’t be downhearted. Tinggly experience gifts don’t have an expiry date so as soon as things are back to normal you can jet off together and discover the world. Having time on your hands can often be seen as a bit of a pain. The truth of the matter is that the longer you have to plan something the more excuses you have to get together or chat over the phone about future plans. 

We’re all looking forward to going on holiday and traveling again. Giving a getaway gift for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you have to use it right away. You’ve got endless evenings to spend together searching for that new city getaway or luxury hotel to book for a couple of nights. Although absence makes the heart grow fonder, getaway gifts make it flutter all the more faster.