You know what you can do with the watch, don’t you?

These are the secret thoughts of a 65-year-old retiree having just received a firm if somewhat sweaty handshake from the acting chairman as he presented an expensive ‘looking’ timepiece, chosen by Michael from accounts. 

Michael barely knows how to dress himself. Let alone be trusted with the task of buying a timepiece for a man whom he’s hardly said hello to in over seventeen years. Plus, the retiree has just had to endure a half-hearted chorus of ‘for he’s/she’s a jolly good fellow’ while blowing out a joke number of candles on a cake with a clock-shaped face. Now, off with you, the face seems to shout.

Seriously? A watch?

47 years of being on-time day after day. 47 years of ignoring the clock when the boss asks a favor of you. 47 years of missing dates, times, and important family occasions, and what do they give you? A timepiece. And they weren’t even trying to be ironic.

Let’s get this straight, a watch (or a clock) is NOT an appropriate retirement present. It never was, it never will be. There are far better ways to give gift experiences to trusted employees and colleagues – retiring or not.

Once you retire the last thing in the world you should be thinking about is time. But, if you do have to think about time for some reason, it should be about the time you’ve missed having amazing adventures and experiences. It should be about what you are going to do with all of this new found time. And, it should be about the people, the ones in whose company you are going to spend this extra time.

It’s never too late for adventure

It’s never too late to start having adventures. People are living longer. They have become more health-conscious, more active, and more prepared to enjoy the freedom of retirement than at any time in history. 

Most retired people now want to engage with the world in ways that they previously never thought possible.

So, ditch the watch and turn to Tinggly, a unique gifting experience which offers the recipient the opportunity of choosing from over 2,000 experiences and adventures in more than 100 countries. No watch required.

Beware the pitfalls of retirement

But beware, there are many pitfalls which come with retirement. There’s the risk of thinking you can put your feet up and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Or the risk of splurging on one exorbitant ‘dream’ purchase. You might become more reclusive. Or be expected to put your hands deep into your pocket to help family and friends. There’s the danger of not managing your nest egg wisely. And most importantly, there’s the folly of forgetting to look after your health and your wellbeing.

Plus, in a study undertaken by the London Institute of Economic Affairs, their findings outlined that the chances of a person becoming more prone to clinical depression increases by up to 40% after retirement. Not a very encouraging statistic.

That’s one of the most important reasons why giving gifts of travel, adventure, engagement with new experiences, and the opportunity to see new sights and meet new people is so important. It helps to nurture positive mental health and creates an openness to the possibilities which exist and which are there waiting to be grasped firmly with both hands – regardless of age.

The journey of gifting an experience 

The beauty of giving experiences are multiple; the moment the recipient receives the gift, the act of choosing the adventure they would like to undertake, the actual adventure itself, and most importantly, the stories and feelings which come from having such an experience, long into the future.

With that in mind, you’ve decided to ditch the watch and go for the gift experience. Great choice!

Let’s take a quick look at just a tiny fraction of the experiences which Tinggly has to offer your retiree or colleague (or even a client for that matter). 

The adrenaline junkie experience

Tandem skydive in Honolulu, Hawaii

Admittedly, skydiving over Hawaii is not for everyone, but for those who still have a love of life on the edge, this has to be one of the most memorable gift experiences they could ever receive. Fuelled not only by the rush of adrenaline, but also by the spectacular aerial views over Oahu, Diamond Head, Kaena Point, the North Shore coastline, and Pearl Harbour. Who knows, you may even spot whales in the surrounding ocean?

Take your jump in complete safety – harnessed to a professional instructor – with one of the most experienced skydive operators anywhere in Hawaii. After the necessary safety training, you’ll be ready to take to the skies and have the experience of a lifetime.

The ultimate food lover experience

Exciting truffle hunting experience in the South of France

Truffles, the food lover’s ‘Black Gold’, the ‘Diamond of the Kitchen’ the dinner ingredient which can entirely transform any meal with a mere suggestion of its presence. But truffle hunting is a big business and a serious one. You’ll experience the thrill of joining a team of genuine and highly experienced truffle hunters and their trained truffle dogs in the countryside of the magnificently spellbinding French region of Provence.

Spend hours on the hunt with the team’s dogs as they snuffle for truffles among the undergrowth, while you learn the art of cultivating ‘truffle trees’, how to clean, store, and cook these fungal gems. Sample life in Provence while sipping on champagne, tasting the fruits of your hunt, and wandering the farms, vineyards, beehives and olive plantations of one of France’s most beautiful regions. By the end, your bank of stories will be full to brimming.

The history-lover experience

One day Chernobyl experience tour, Ukraine

On April 26th, 1986 the reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, the rest is forever consigned to the book of tragic history.

On this once in a lifetime experience, you will be whisked from your hotel in Kyiv to the site of the disaster, near the city of Pripyat. Once there you will learn all about radiation safety procedures and hear accounts of the events as they occurred while journeying to the exclusion zone. Visit the almost abandoned city, visit the museum, the Park of Glory, St. Elias Church and the memorial to those who gave their lives in the incident’s aftermath. 

In the company of a professional guide, and in possession of all necessary legal documents, visit Pripyat, the ghost town where the lives of its inhabitants stopped in their tracks on that eventful day in 1986. Witness first hand the abandoned amusement park and children’s Ferris wheel, along with the homes, schools, and hospitals of those forced to abandon their city during one of the modern world’s greatest disasters. If you’re lucky you may even get to see some of the wildlife which returned to repopulate the area.

The Wildlife Experience

Whale watching in Queensland, Australia

If you want to experience whale watching for the first time, why not go to one of the best locations in the world – Brisbane’s Moreton Bay. This day trip onboard a comfortable, specially designed boat – with 360-degree walkaround decks for the best viewing possible – will get you up close and personal with the giants of the ocean.

The viewing vessel’s highly professional crew make sure that the boat keeps its distance from the whales so as not to disturb their wellbeing or impact on their habits. Armed with a camera and binoculars witness these ocean behemoths as they hunt for food, breach the surface, and play as family groups. The entire experience will give you a lifetime of memories, and stories that will have your family and friends hanging on your every word.

The transition from work to retirement

The transition from work to retirement can be a difficult one, but with the giving of an experiential gift that transition can be made easier. There are choices to be made, plans to be set in motion, preparations to be arranged, a journey to get underway, and an experience to be lived. And, once the experience is complete, there are stories to be told and new adventures to be planned.

The gift of a watch may be nice, but how many stories can you tell about a timepiece? How many happy memories can it give you? And, how many new experiences can it offer? Probably not so many.

Whereas, a retirement gift experience offers something of great value to both the gifter, and the receiver. You can make the world a happier, more sharing place by giving stories, not stuff.