We’ve all been in that uncomfortable situation where we’ve left buying someone a gift until the very last moment. Maybe you weren’t sure if you were going home for Christmas or not, or you simply forgot that your Dad’s birthday was coming up, or perhaps you’re one of life’s great procrastinators, and find it near-impossible to decide on a gift.

The problem with leaving things so late of course is that you then find yourself with very little time to organise the right gift, and if you’re not careful you’re going to be picking up a bunch of flowers from the petrol station on the way.

So if you need inspiration, and you’re in a hurry, read on for our guide to six last-minute gift ideas that will really work…

The Food Hamper

This gift will take at most a couple of hours to put together, and if you live in a town or city, probably less. Begin by getting hold of either a basket or a nice plain cardboard box, then head to the shops. We recommend aiming for gourmet or locally produced foods, and non-perishables too, just in case the recipient is going away on holiday soon. Things like traditional mustards, home-made jams and condiments, local gin or beer are perfect for a treat. Fill your basket or box with the food and drink, package them with straw or gift-wrapping paper, and finish with a card – easy!The Food HamperThe Experience

Here at Tinggly we think we’ve got the best in last-minute gift ideas. It literally takes a matter of seconds to organise, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Why? Because you’re giving someone the gift of choice. Simply select the experience package you want to buy from our collection: Essential, Premium or Ultimate, and we’ll send a stylish gift box containing a Tinggly voucher to your friend or family-member. Then they can spend many happy hours browsing through our fascinating Experiences map, and choose an activity they’d like to do anywhere in the world. Okay we’re a little biased, but we know it’s a unique gift idea for any occasion.

The E-Reader

There are plenty of good-quality e-readers on the market today, the Amazon Kindle probably being the best-known. This is the ideal gift for anyone you know who loves to read, and especially if they also travel a lot too, because they can download any book they want onto it with just a couple of clicks. If you have the time you can even pre-load a few books or podcasts onto the device for them as a nice personal touch, so long as you know what kind of thing they enjoy.E-ReaderThe Spa Day 

Who doesn’t love a pampering session in a spa? Seriously, no-one. There are spas all over the place, from the really high-end ones you often find in hotels, to specialists which can be great for treating particular conditions. Just have a quick scan on Google of spas close to where your gift recipient lives, and buy them either a package or a day-visit. They’ll be able to redeem their voucher at a time that suits them. This is a fab idea for a last-minute gift if you know someone who has a stressful job or loves getting a bit of “me-time”.The Spa DayThe Framed Photo

This is a classic, but still wonderful, gift idea for Mum or Dad. Just browse through your phone or Facebook photos, find a good one of the two of you together or a family shot, and get it printed out. Then quickly pick a stylish frame from a department store, and away you go. It might seem like a bit of an obvious choice, but you can be sure it will be received with gratitude.The Framed PhotoThe Netflix Subscription

If your gift recipient is one of the few people left in the world who hasn’t yet signed up to Netflix, then you can buy them a subscription. Where once you might have given someone a DVD Netflix Subscriptionboxset of the hottest new show, now you can instantly give them access to thousands of TV shows, and films, spanning every genre. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t see them for a while afterwards.