Taking that extra step: sustainability @ Tinggly

At Tinggly, we’re committed to making our business as sustainable as possible.

We’ve introduced a range of initiatives to minimise our own impact on the environment, and help our customers and partners do the same.

1. Sustainable experiences

We’ve created a category of Sustainable Experiences in our collection. Marked with an ECO badge, these are gift experiences around the world that we feel make a positive contribution to the planet, from learning about efforts to protect whales and dolphins in the wild, to visiting a retreating glacier to understand the effects of climate change, or supporting local communities with village stays and cookery courses. You can find our sustainable experiences heretinggly kayak eco

2. Sustainable attitude

We’re taking active steps to minimise the carbon footprint caused by our operations. These include encouraging staff to walk, cycle or use public transport when travelling to work or meetings, and reducing the use of energy and paper in the office.tinggly emploee cycling

3. Offsetting our (and your!) Carbon Footprint

We’ve offset Tinggly’s carbon footprint for 2015 through ClimateCare, and we’re also offering our customers the opportunity to do the same. Our experience collection covers the entire world, and many of our customers naturally use them during a holiday or while travelling. With ClimateCare, you can reduce the impact of the emissions generated during that period. Visit our sustainability pagetingly climatecare

How does our offsetting process work?

When you buy an experience through us, you’ll be given the option to offset a minimum of 0.5t of CO2. That’s the equivalent of one person flying from London to Moscow.

Tinggly will then pass on your donation to ClimateCare, one of the leading UK organisations in offsetting CO2 emissions. They invest the funds in one of our two chosen projects:

Lifestraw Water Filters – Providing safe water in Kenya

The award-winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project helps to provide simple, gravity-fed water filters for families in Kenya. Not only does it help give safe drinking water to around 4 million people, but it serves the dual purpose of cutting their carbon emissions, by removing their need to boil water in order to make it drinkable.


Gyapa Stoves – Improving lives with heat-efficient cooking in Ghana

The Gyapa Stoves project is creating a market for locally produced efficient cookstoves which can cut emissions, reduce exposure to toxic fumes, and decrease fuel bills. The project provides skilled employment for around 350 manufacturers, and extra income for over 500 retailers. As well as cutting more that 2 million tonnes of CO2, this project has already saved 4.1 million people more than $75million on their fuel bills so far.


We know that offsetting isn’t a perfect solution, but part of an effort to reduce global emissions. For that reason, we’re committed to finding new ways to reduce our own carbon footprint, and encourage all of our customers to travel overland by public transport when travelling abroad.

There’s no Planet B. Thanks for listening.


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