Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and find the perfect Christmas gift, instantly. At Tinggly we’ve found that magic wand for you – Tinggly experience gift boxes.

Say what now?

It’s like this, people are getting tired of collecting material possessions. They already have too many ornaments, too many scarves, too many perfumes, too many socks and handkerchiefs, and far too many things they don’t want, or need, cluttering up their lives.

It’s a fact, people are now demanding real experiences instead of more stuff. They want to create memories and stories, they want to feel alive, they want to feel closer to nature, and they want to push themselves to do things they possibly never dreamed of.

A Tinggly experience gift box does all of the above. One gift box, stuffed with hundreds of worldwide experiences for the recipient to choose from.

Here’s how it works:

  • You go online to
  • You browse the gift box you want – in this case, it’s the Merry Christmas gift box
  • You order and pay online
  • You choose how it’s delivered – by e-voucher (instantly) or in a beautifully presented environmentally-friendly gift box
  • The person receives their gift box and browses through over 550 amazing experiences from around the world – or close to home
  • They choose their experience (it may be as an add-on to some pre-arranged travels, or just something that’s always been high on her wish list)
  • They enjoy their experience and share the stories and memories for years to come


What kinds of experiences do the Tinggly gift boxes contain?

Good question.

Every Christmas gift box is literally stuffed to bursting with a hand-picked selection of some of the world’s most amazing experiences, adventures, and moments to savor forever.

Here are just a few examples; a carriage ride for two in beautiful Seville, an ocean-splashed whale watching tour in Victoria, Canada, a lava field horseback safari in Iceland, cave kayaking in breathtaking Belize, white-water rafting in New Zealand, a secret beer tour in old Amsterdam, or even slowly canoeing down a river in the beautiful Emerald Isle of Ireland. The choices are huge, in fact, the Tinggly Merry Christmas gift box contains 560 genuine life-enhancing experiences to choose from.

And the good news, even if you decide to fly a helicopter or drive a couple of laps in a super-powered sports car, you’re still being kind to the planet. That’s right, Tinggly is a fully environmentally sustainable gift company.

Here’s what they are already doing to protect the environment:

  • For every gift redeemed, Tinggly will remove 33lbs (that’s 15kg or almost 650 plastic bottles) of plastics from the environment
  • If you choose a helicopter ride or a speedway drive in a high-performance race car, Tinggly will offset the CO2 impact of every experience by a massive 200%
  • All Tinggly gift boxes are made from fully recycled materials and environmentally-friendly inks
  • Plus, a team from Tinggly has already traveled to Bali to install trash traps in the island’s rivers

With all of these great initiatives, giving a Tinggly Merry Christmas gift box doesn’t haven’t to leave a black mark on your conscience. In fact, Tinggly gifts do the opposite, they turn adventurers, thrill-seekers, adrenalin-junkies, and all experience recipients into activists for the planet, and they don’t even realize it

This Christmas, give stories, not stuff. This Christmas give Tinggly experience gifts.