We are living in extraordinary times of fear, uncertainty, and being powerless in the face of a future unknown. However, we should never forget that humans have been gifted with a super power that can help us overcome times of great change. 

That super power is the gift of being able to look forward to the future.

At Tinggly we are lucky to have been given an insight into this power on a daily basis. Every day, our inboxes are filled with messages of hope from Tinggly customers testifying to the ability of looking forward to a better future. 

“I know you won’t be able to use this gift right now, but I hope in the near future we can use it together.”

The promise of light on the horizon, whether that’s a gift of future experiences and adventures, or some personal milestone to keep you focused is the super power we’ve all been given.

To help you share this precious gift, all Tinggly gifts now come with a full 20% OFF and FREE DELIVERY, plus, Tinggly gifts can be delivered worldwide instantly via e-voucher.

Give them something to look forward to, give them a Tinggly experience gift collection and a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.