If you need to give a gift to someone special, a gift with real meaning, a gift of genuine experience, and a gift that’s kind to the planet, the Tinggly Ultimate Collection is just what you’ve been looking for.

This exclusive gift option is specially designed and curated for someone who strives to make the most of their free time. Someone who likes the finer things in life, someone who demands more fulfilling adventures, more meaningful experiences, and someone who thrives on the collection of stories over possessions. 

As Tinggly’s most experience-packed gift box – with over 900 hand-picked experiences to choose from – this scintillating treasure trove is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Not to put too fine a point on it, this is quite simply the cream of the Tinggly gift collection. From a helicopter flight over Canada’s Mount Assiniboine glacier or a unique food and drink walking tour in the cultural capital of Ireland, Galway, to a Lasta mountain trekking tour for two in Ethiopia or a snowmobile adventure in the Finnish winter wonderland the recipient is spoiled for choice. And, with no time limit on the gift’s validity, they have all the time they need to match the adventure to their travels. 


Here’s how it works:

  • You go online to tinggly.com
  • You browse the gift box you want – in this case, it’s the Ultimate Collection gift box
  • You order and pay online
  • You choose how it’s delivered – by e-voucher (instantly) or in a beautifully presented environmentally-friendly gift box
  • The person receives their gift box and browses through over 550 amazing experiences from around the world – or close to home
  • They choose their experience (it may be as an add-on to some pre-arranged travels, or just something that’s always been high on her wish list)
  • With no validity time limit, the recipient can use their gift whenever it suits them
  • They enjoy their experience and share the stories and memories for years to come

What else can they expect to find in the Tinggly Ultimate Collection?

The answer to that is, pretty much everything.

From relaxation and pampering to sumptuous food and drink encounters, or from heart-pounding adventures to visiting some of the planet’s most iconic landmarks the Ultimate Collection contains a cornucopia of stories waiting to be captured.

And as a bonus, even if you decide to fly a helicopter or drive a couple of laps in a super-powered sports car, you’re still being kind to the planet. That’s right, Tinggly is a fully environmentally sustainable gift company.

Here’s what they are already doing to protect the environment:

  • For every gift redeemed, Tinggly will remove 33lbs (that’s 15kg or almost 650 plastic bottles) of plastics from the environment
  • If you choose a helicopter ride or a speedway drive in a high-performance race car, Tinggly will offset the CO2 impact of every experience by a massive 200%
  • All Tinggly gift boxes are made from fully recycled materials and environmentally-friendly inks.
  • Plus, a team from Tinggly has already traveled to Bali to install trash traps in the island’s rivers.

When you purchase the Tinggly Ultimate Collection you can do so with a crystal clear conscience. There’s no need to feel that you might be damaging the planet somehow, in fact, the opposite is true. With every Tinggly gift box that you order you’re not just giving a gift, you’re also making someone an activist for the planet.

It’s time to give stories, not stuff.