Do you know a special couple who could do with some time together? 

Perhaps one, or both, have been working too hard, or they’ve just come through a pretty rough period and a little time out together with an amazing experience would do them a world of good, or maybe they’ve been the best friends anyone could ask for. Whatever the reason, the Tinggly Time Together gift box could be the greatest gift they’ll ever receive.

This incredible Tinggly gift box – stuffed to bursting with over 450 dream experiences, with no validity time limit – is the perfect way to give every couple the gift of time together while indulging in an experience that’s sure to add meaningful stories to their lives. 

One gift box, hundreds of amazing adventures and experiences to choose from.

Whether they like tours, relaxing moments and luxurious spa treatments, fine wines and gourmet dining, or adrenaline-pumping adventures this almost magical box contains something for every couple to share. 

So what exactly is in the Tinggly Time Together gift box? Here’s a small but representative sample of what the lucky couple might want to choose.

For adventurers, they might want to try a thrilling flight over Australia’s Uluru (Ayers Rock), an eco trekking tour of Ethiopia’s Lasta Mountains, a whitewater rafting adventure in the mountains of Switzerland, windsurfing lessons in Florida, or even a spectacular night dive with manta rays in Hawaii. 

Or if they prefer something a little more sedate, how about a luxury sailing cruise with buffet in Barbados, a two-night bee-keeping course in the idylls of rural France, a kimono-clad authentic tea experience in Tokyo, or maybe an amazing Venetian food and wine tour? The lucky couple gets to choose the one experience that suits them, and maybe even fits like a glove with future travel plans they may have made (ie. Honeymoon, anniversary, etc.).

Here’s how it works:

  • You go online to
  • You browse the gift box you want – in this case, it’s the Time Together gift box
  • You order and pay online
  • You choose how it’s delivered – by e-voucher (instantly) or in a beautifully presented environmentally-friendly gift box
  • The person receives their gift box and browses through over 550 amazing experiences from around the world – or close to home
  • They choose their experience (it may be as an add-on to some pre-arranged travels, or just something that’s always been high on her wish list)
  • With no validity time limit, the recipient can use their gift whenever it suits them
  • They enjoy their experience and share the stories and memories for years to come

So what else is in the Time Together experience gift box?

Ermmmm…. Lots and lots of things to be honest. But if you want specifics, try these:

  • Hunter Valley Australia wine tour
  • Horseback riding in the idyllic Tuscan landscape
  • An Argentinian mountain hiking tour
  • Underwater scooter tour in Mauritius 
  • Extreme shark encounters in Hawaii
  • Northern lights and husky experience in northern Norway
  • Paragliding in Armenia
  • Thailand – authentic Thai spa treatment
  • International food tour in NY’s Manhattan
  • Tango lessons in Buenos Aires
  • Bungee jump in Greece
  • Ice caving in Iceland


That’s a lot of amazing experiences, and there’s still lots more to choose from.

And here’s another amazing bonus – all Tinggly experiences are environmentally sustainable.

Even if you decide to fly a helicopter, drive a jet boat, or take a couple of fast laps in a super-powered sports car, you’re still being kind to the planet. That’s right, Tinggly is a fully environmentally sustainable gift company.

Here’s what they are already doing to protect the environment:

  • For every gift redeemed, Tinggly will remove 33lbs (15kg or almost 650 plastic bottles) of plastics from the environment
  • If you choose a helicopter ride or a speedway experience in a high-performance race car, Tinggly will offset the CO2 impact of every experience by a massive 200%
  • All Tinggly gift boxes are made from fully recycled materials and environmentally-friendly inks.
  • Plus, a team from Tinggly has already traveled to Bali to install trash traps in the island’s rivers.

Whatever experience your friends will choose you’ll know that you’ve given it with a clear conscience. And your friends, without even realizing it will have joined a special group of people, the Tinggly activists for the planet. How about that for double value.

Instead of giving more and more ‘stuff’ to people, why not start giving experiences that will add real value to their lives. Tinggly lets you do just that.

That’s why our motto at Tinggly is, and always will be, ‘Give stories, not stuff’.