The world is beginning to wise up to the idea that healthy bee populations are key to human survival. No bees no pollination, no pollination no plants, no plants no food. It really is that simple.

What more important, and cool, gift could you give someone than the exclusive Tinggly Ultimate 2-night beekeeping course in the beautiful French countryside? This buzzing activity will give the recipient a hands-on experience in the ancient subtleties involved in the art of beekeeping and an in-depth appreciation of the importance of bees in the environment. This unique experience gift also includes a two-night stay in an art deco French villa close to the medieval town of Confolens in the tranquil Charente countryside.

Photo by Damien TUPINIER on Unsplash

Everyone loves honey bees. They provide us with sweet and healthy natural goodness which most of us adore. But bees are in trouble. Their habitats and the plants they need to live and thrive are under threat from pollution, pesticides and other chemicals.

This two-night stay at an idyllic French rural villa while learning the art of beekeeping is an amazing way of getting close up to these amazing little creatures and learning how to care for them along with gaining a knowledge of their importance in the natural food chain.

But it won’t be all hard work, there will be time to enjoy and explore this beautiful region of south-central France before donning your beekeeping equipment. 

Your arrival in Charente will give you the opportunity to simply relax in the villa’s grand salon, wander the streets of Confolens, a nearby medieval village, or enjoy a stroll through the villa’s adjoining 3-acres of beautiful parkland.

Your first evening is topped off by aperitifs on the villa’s terrace followed by a delicious 3-course meal accompanied by a selection of award-winning Bordeaux wines.

Photo by Pass the Honey on Unsplash

Breakfast in France is an institution and a delicious foundation for an inspiring day with the local beekeepers and their bee hives.

Firstly, in the company of your host, you will begin to learn everything about the world of the humble, but vastly important honey bee; how bees build their hives, why they need to keep large quantities of stored honey, you will learn about bee stings, the tools used by the expert beekeepers, and discovering the different tastes of honey collected from the nectar and pollen gathered by the ever-busy and industrious worker bees.

After this, it’s time to don your bee suit, light your smokers and head for the bee colonies to see what life is like inside one of the most amazing architectural works of nature.

Photo by Bee Naturalles on Unsplash

Over a period of approximately four hours, you will be immersed in the lives of the bees and the ancient beekeeping culture. You can ask questions, learn from the experts, take photographs, and learn how to harvest honey without getting stung.

You will also be introduced to the seasonal jobs required for the maintenance of the bee colonies, and almost every aspect of the lives of these tiny miracles of nature. 

This a unique experience that is certain to create some amazing memories and stories for you to tell and retell over and over again.