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Cherry blossoms, feudal castles, world-renowned cuisine, amazing hiking and skiing experiences, ancient temples, Sumo wrestlers, and relaxing Onsen (thermal spas) all come together to make up the experience that is Japan. At Tinggly we’ve hand-selected a range of some of the country’s most incredible activities to complete our exciting Japan experience gifts collection. Japan comes as something of an enigma to most people, its culture, its people, its language, and its place in history are a curiosity to those unfamiliar with the country. But anyone who has visited Japan can testify to the seemingly never-ending compendium of experiences available to visitors, experiences that are bound to leave an indelible mark on every traveler. The Tinggly Japan experience gift collection is a perfect compilation of super, once-in-a-lifetime Japanese experiences to give as a gift to family members, friends, colleagues, or clients. You give the gift and let them make the one choice that perfectly suits their interests and their travel itinerary.
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Discovering Japan with a Tinggly experience gift

Modern Japan and traditional Japan are two distinct ingredients that go to make up this rich and diverse country. From the sprawling neon-lit metropolis of Tokyo to the ancient and timeless traditions of tea making, Japanese culture is both varied and complimentary at the same time. Almost every traveler who has visited Japan is happy to retell - time and time again - the stories and memories they’ve been rewarded with. A Tinggly Japan experience gift box is full to the brim with such stories and memories, waiting to be given to someone of importance in your life.

From a helicopter ride over the bustling streets of Tokyo or a visit to a Japanese sumo stable every experience in the land of the rising sun is unforgettable. Imagine giving someone this amazing gift, the chance to discover such a unique and enigmatic culture. That’s exactly what a Tinggly Japan gift collection does.

Here’s how a Tinggly gift works.

From the Tinggly website choose the gift collection you want to give. Once you’ve chosen the gift you then choose the recipient - you have the choice of having the gift delivered (instantly) by e-voucher, or as a beautifully packaged Tinggly gift box delivered to their home or business. You can also add your own personal message wishing the person happy anniversary, happy birthday, offering your thanks, or whatever the occasion may demand. The recipient can then choose one experience that matches their travel plans and/or their interests. And what’s more, is that Tinggly gift experiences come with NO expiry limit and a full refund guarantee. It’s a win win gift solution.

Tinggly Japanese experiences

When a family member, friend, colleague, or client receives a Tinggly gift collection they receive a whole world of choice. And that’s exactly what the Tinggly Japan experiences are, a whole world of choice. The gift recipient can choose one incredible experience from a diverse range of amazing activities. Depending on their own personal tastes they might like to try an incredible encounter with Joe Okada, Japan’s last Samurai, or the delicacies of a Japanese home-cooking class, or how about a guided tour of Tokyo’s eclectic Akihabara district (dedicated to all things Anime and Manga)?

Also included in Tinggly Japanese unique experiences are, a traditional Kimono-wearing tea ceremony, a kayak and snorkeling adventure in Okinawa, or you can get behind the wheel of a classic Nissan on the unforgettable Hakone driving experience (including stunning scenery, great roads, and unrivaled views of the famed and sacred Mount Fuji).

Tinggly and the environment

Tinggly are constantly investigating and implementing new practices regarding how Tinggly experiences and practices can be kinder to our planet and our environment. It’s not just a throwaway statement when we say that we are actively doing our best to become a fully sustainable company. Every member of the Tinggly team is an active-traveler, environmentalist, adventurer, and are equally dedicated to the common goal of being more and more environmentally friendly.

As part of this ongoing process Tinggly guarantees that for every gift given Tinggly will remove 33lbs (15kg) of plastics from the environment - that’s the equivalent of over 650 plastic bottles. Plus, regardless of whether the person chooses to take a supercar driving experience, or an unforgettable helicopter sightseeing experience Tinggly ensures that the experience’s carbon footprint will be offset by a staggering 200%. And, most recently Tinggly have ensured that all Tinggly packaging is made from 100% recycled/recyclable materials using earth-friendly inks.

All of these commitments to the environment means that when you give a Tinggly gift you are giving a gift that is not only totally amazing, but one that is kind to the planet too.