Celebrities that love adrenaline experiences

When you explore the Tinggly collection one thing becomes clear very quickly – we have an incredible breadth of gift experiences around the world, from foodie tours led by gourmet locals or professional chefs, to breathtaking wilderness exploration over land, air or sea, to fascinating cultural excursions to prestigious museums, monuments or natural attractions.

But our research tells us that what most people are searching for in our collection after they’ve received one of our gift vouchers is an activity that will seriously get their pulse racing – what we refer to as our Adrenaline Experiences. These range from bungy jumps to coasteering, walking with lions to racing high-performance cars, amazing sky dives to gigantic human slingshots!

A large proportion of our followers it seems are fascinated by high-octane pursuits. They love living life on the edge, in search of the ultimate rush. And they’re not the only ones, either. When you see images of celebrities on their holidays, quite often you’ll see them spending their downtime with adrenaline experiences – we assume it beats the boredom of a movie set or tour bus. Here’s a few big stars we’re spotted in the press recently…


Credit: Chroma Press / Splash News

Leonardo DiCaprio

We all know Leo likes to work hard and play hard – a guy who will swim frozen rivers in The Revenant and get involved in all manner of environmental activism deserves his downtime after all. When he’s not partying on yachts with supermodels, Leo likes to get an adrenaline boost from racing sportscars, diving with sharks and recently, trying on a pair of hover boots that let him pull tricks above the ocean – very similar to the flyboarding experience in the Tinggly portfolio!


Credit: Splash News

Katy Perry

She kissed a girl and she liked it, but what was her take on bungy jumping? New Zealand is of course the home of adrenaline-filled activities, from skydives over spectacular valleys, lakes and mountains, to whitewater rafting and speedboating, but it’s most famous for being the country where commercial bungy jumping originated. Some of the world’s highest jumps are to be found in New Zealand, most of them around Queenstown. Katy isn’t alone in having a passion for taking leaps of faith – David Beckham did one in New Zealand too, topless. The big show-off.


Credit: Splash News

Bill Murray

Everyone loves Bill. His sardonic demeanour and laidback personality have made him a cult favourite on screens ever since his 80s heyday. But although he’s usually found hitting balls around on the celebrity semi-pro golfing circuit nowadays, he does still have a wild side, as evidenced by the tandem skydive he performed in Chicago with the US army parachute team. Another celeb that’s bravely flung herself into the clouds is actress Kate Bosworth.


Credit: London Entertainment/Splash

Ewan McGregor

The Scottish actor loves adventurous holidays – remember his epic motorbike roadtrips with friend Charlie Boorman, son of John? Ewan doesn’t seem to be one for chilling on the beach with an airport novel when he takes a vacation – even when he’s in Malibu he prefers taking to the skies on a paraglider. Relax, Ewan, we’ve all nearly forgotten the prequels now, there’s no need to keep proving you can do real stunts.


Credit: starsurf / Splash News

Woody Harrelson

If there’s one celebrity you’d expect to find having fun in the ocean while on holiday, it’s probably Woody Harrelson. He still knows how to party, as we can see by his kitesurfing exploits in Hawaii a few years ago. Kitesurfing looks complicated, and requires a sizeable investment in kit, but once you have the hang of it, the rush of carving through the waves or performing giant leaps into the air is incredible.

6Credit: X17online.com

Paris Hilton

When she’s not spinning records at chic New York afterparties, launching fashion lines or getting banned from her family’s own hotel chain, Paris likes to spend her megabucks on the very best experiences, such as the scuba diving adventure she went on, also in Maui, Hawaii.

If this list inspires you, remember that you don’t always need megabucks to live like celebrities. All of these adrenaline experiences, and many more, are available in dozens of countries around the planet, and your Tinggly gift voucher is an invitation to try them for yourself.