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Adrenaline Experiences

Know someone that likes to live on the edge a little? Who likes a walk on the wild side once in a while? These adrenaline experiences will make the ideal gift for them to indulge their passions. With adrenaline gift cards from Tinggly, they can choose one of 100s of awesome activities to try, around the world, at a time and place that suits them.

From tandem skydives to thrilling bungee jumps, supercar track days to coasteering lessons, Tinggly adrenaline experiences are all about seeking out adventure. Simple to use, satisfying to receive and sustainable too - choose adrenaline gifts, and give stories, not stuff.
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Adrenaline experiences make for truly adventurous gifts

For friends and family that like pushing themselves to the limits, and are never happier than when they find a new adventurous hobby - introducing Tinggly, home of the most exhilarating adrenaline experiences on the planet. With 100s of amazing activities to try in over 100 countries, these adventure gifts are perfect for travellers, and also anyone celebrating a special occasion. 

There are dozens of adrenaline experiences to consider, including white-knuckle bungee jumps and tandem skydives from the USA to New Zealand, opportunities to race against the clock in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Porsches, tank-driving days, ziplining, giant swings and even the chance to mountain bike down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia. When you give someone one of these adrenaline gift cards, you’re not just inviting them to get their kicks on a high-octane activity of their choice. You’re also giving them stories they can dine out on for the rest of their lives.

How adrenaline experiences work

The big difference with most other gift cards is that with Tinggly, you’re not buying someone a specific experience that they have to do. Instead, with one of these gift boxes they get to choose one of hundreds of experiences in the collection according to their own passions, interests and dreams. It’s a great gift idea for travellers of course, and anyone with a bucket list. 

The gift-giving process is easy. Choose the gift box that you want to get for someone according to the occasion or your budget. Pay securely online in moments. Add a personal note, and an address. And you’re done. Just relax and wait for a happy phone call.

Adrenaline gifts can be sent either by mail, arriving in a stylish presentation box, or by email - convenient if the recipient is already travelling and doesn’t have a fixed address. After they’re received it, they can browse the various adrenaline experiences on the Tinggly map, and choose what they want to do. They just need to contact the Tinggly team once they’ve made a decision, and the booking will be made for them. 

No expiry dates

One very important thing to remember, and something else that makes these adrenaline gift cards stand out from the rest: there are no expiration dates to worry about. If gift cards are misplaced for a while, or travel plans have to be postponed, it’s not an issue. These adrenaline gifts are just as good to use in two years time as they are in two weeks.

Adrenaline experiences include:

  • The iconic ‘Goldeneye’ bungee jump in Switzerland
  • An incredible tandem swing in Nepal
  • Swimming with wild dolphins in Mauritius 
  • A tree-top zipline tour in El Salvador
  • Canyoning in Portugal
  • A thrilling jet boat ride in Ibiza
  • Flexwing microlighting in the UK

Sustainable adrenaline experiences

As part of our Activist program designed to improve our sustainability, we make the following commitments every time we sell an adrenaline gift card:

Let’s work together to help people experience the world for generations to come.