Romantic gift ideas for honeymoon couples

Getting married can be the ultimate of all romantic gestures and there’s no better way to send a couple off on the road of life together than with an experience gift for them that’s just as memorable as the big day itself.

Toasters, dinner sets and even smoothies makers are just so old hat these days and if you know where your newly weds are heading off to on their honeymoon then why not get them a gift that they can appreciate whilst in resort?

From exciting white knuckle rides to plenty of peace and tranquility, whichever pace best suits your honeymooners there’s a gift that’s designed for them, and if you’re looking for a few more romantic gift ideas then read on and dare to be different.

1. Romantic flight with helicopter, seaplane or hot air balloon

Imagine the look on your honeymooners’ faces when they discover that not only are they spending time in the destination of their dreams but you’ve got them a romantic gift that enables them to fly over it too. Helicopters, seaplanes and hot air balloons can all whisk your lovely pair into the air and if a honeymoon is intended to keep feet off the ground then this has to be one of the best ways to do just that.

Air Ballon

2. Exploring a wildlife park and getting in touch with nature

Nature and romance go hand in hand which is why giving your happy couple a gift that involves exploring a wildlife park is always going to be received with the utmost of thanks. Walking with lions, nocturnal game drives or just watching the sunset with a cool glass of bubbly, whichever way you cut it, going on a safari never fails to ignite the wild flames of passion on a honeymoon.

Lion in grass

3. Relaxing and rejuvenating with a spa break

Honeymoons should be all about resting and relaxing together in order to prepare for reality when it finally bites on the journey home. If you can find out where your couple are intending to visit after their wedding then a day spent at a spa or receiving a dual massage is a totally romantic gift to help soften the soul and rejuvenate the mind and body. Therapeutic, peaceful and perfect for chatting about the evening ahead – spa days and romantic couples are a marriage made in heaven.

A couple is getting a massage

4. A romantic getaway in Venice

If your romantic pair have been whisked off to Italy for their honeymoon then why not surprise them with a gift that they’ll really remember? Venice is the home of romance and from the Bridge of Sighs to St Mark’s Square, if you’re looking for inspiration then it’s never too far away in this uniquely beautiful city. One such romantic gift to be enjoyed in Venice is a gondola ride, and as your couple lie back and listen to a sunset serenade they’ll no doubt raise a glass to your good self as they toast the start of their married life together.

Gondola Ride

5. A cultural night out at the opera or ballet in Paris

Whether it’s the opera, the ballet or tickets to the world-famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, giving a honeymoon couple a romantic gift should be all about making them feel special. There’s no better chance for young lovers to make the most of each other’s company other than a night on the tiles and if you can provide your newly weds with a can and a brush then just watch them go to work when it comes to painting the town red with their love.

Moulin Rouge

6. Mouthwatering foodie tours

Once your happy honeymooners have gotten over that awesome wedding banquet they’re going to want to continue where they left off and finding a gift that involves eating and drinking is certainly a great way to keep the party in full swing. Chocolate, wine, beer or rum, whatever tipple or snack gets your couple’s taste buds tingling, there’s a terrific travel treat out there that’s all about an extra special indulgence.

Chocolate and wine tasting

7. Trekking tours through natural beauty spots

If you can picture your honeymooners awakening to a rainforest shrouded in mist or heading over moss coated stones en-route to a waterfall then you’ll soon begin to realise what a totally romantic gift nature has already laid in-store. Trekking within the realms of some of the world’s most intrinsically beautiful natural areas are just sublime experiences and if this is something you feel best represents your star crossed lovers then all that’s left to do is pass on the good times.

Couple of hikers at the top of the mountain

8. Island-hopping cruises in beautiful destinations

The Blue Lagoon, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson (sort of), whichever version of tropical island paradise you find the most romantic then no doubt you’ll honeymooners will feel the same way too. Finding a romantic travel gift can be as simple as hopping from one secluded exotic beach to the next and from speedboats and kayaks to cruise ships and traditional vessels, if you think your cuddling castaways will enjoy a spot of island hopping then what are you waiting for?

Island hopping. El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

9. Amazing couples’ dance lessons

Strictly Come Dancing has got plenty to answer for however, if your romantic gift getters have already excelled on the dance floor then why not get them a few lessons to help them keep up the good work whilst on honeymoon? Tangos in Argentina, waltzes is Germany or flamencos in Spain, whichever form of dance you think will ignite the flames of passion between your darling dancers then make sure they pack their heels and start as they mean to go on.

Dancing couple

10. Whale-watching and dolphin-swimming tours are unforgettable experiences

If you’ve ever noticed just how graceful and serenely happy marine animals can appear whilst in the wild then it’s definitely worth enabling your newly weds to experience the same sense of awe. We’re not talking captive animals performing tricks here. A really romantic gift is all about experiencing nature as it’s intended and if you can send your couple on a whale watching trip or let them take the plunge with dolphins then there’s no telling where and when their smiles will end.

Dolphin watching

11. Adventurous gifts for the active couple

As much as romantic gifts usually involve plenty of rest and relaxation, there’s a lot to be said for having fun and keeping active at the same time. Kayaking trips, white water rafting rides and even bungee jumping are all awesome activities for adventurous honeymooners to try whilst on their travels and although they may not appear all that romantic they certainly tick the right boxes when it comes to having fun together – which is what married life is all about, right?

Whitewater rafting

Tinggly are proud to be considered as stowaways in every honeymoon suitcase and if you’re searching for a romantic gift experience that’s as unique as it’s awesome then make sure you find out more by getting in touch with the professionals. We offer hundreds of different gift ideas that are as romantic as they’re exciting and as we operate in over 50 different countries you’re bound to find the right combination to suit your happy couple – bon voyage mon ami!

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