Wildlife Experience Gifts

If you have trouble finding the perfect gifts for people, why not ensure satisfaction by letting them choose for themselves? With wildlife experiences from Tinggly, they can redeem their gift cards against 100s of exciting activities around the world. And they’re a truly roar-some gift idea for animal-lovers.

From the big, such as whale-watching or helping to bathe elephants, to the tiny, including kayaking among bioluminescence or exploring vast cave systems that twinkle with glow worms, these wildlife experiences uncover new dimensions to the natural world.
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Wildlife experiences make great gift ideas for animal-lovers

Take a walk on the wild side with these wildlife gifts

Wildlife gifts from Tinggly are a fantastic way to help friends and family members explore the wonders of the natural world. Whether it’s taking a night dive alongside manta rays in Hawaii, swimming with dolphins off the coast of Mauritius, or spending a day helping at an elephant sanctuary in Malaysia, they are a great way to get close to nature in a responsible, life-affirming way. And, because many of these experience providers work with charities and NGOs, your wildlife gifts may also be contributing to the survival and wellbeing of species that are under threat.

If you’re new to buying experiences for people, then here’s why gift cards should be top of your list for any occasion. Research shows that experiences tend to be a much more rewarding gift than a material item, especially but not limited to younger generations more aware of the perils of consumerism. The anticipation of knowing a fun experience is just around the corner, and the pleasure of the happy memories afterwards (that can last a lifetime), are so much more intense than the feelings someone gets for a new phone or home furnishings, that wear off quickly.

How do wildlife gifts work

Simply choose from the various gift cards available on the Tinggly website, according to the occasion such as birthdaysweddings, gap years or graduations for instance, and your budget. You can pay securely in moments, then it’s just a matter of adding an address to send the gift card to, and a personal note, and you’re all done. Within a few days, the lucky recipient will be able to choose from a fantastic range of wildlife experiences, as well as many others in the collection.

Once they’ve received their gift card, they can then browse the map, and find the many wildlife experiences around the world that suit their interests and travel plans. To redeem, they just let the Tinggly team know what they want to do, where and when, and the booking is made for them. Easy!

Oh and by the way - wildlife experiences from Tinggly have no expiry dates to worry about. That means if gift cards can’t be used for a while, if they’re forgotten at the back of a drawer or travel plans need to be delayed - it’s absolutely no problem at all. 

 Wildlife experiences you can recommend they try:

  • Helping to feed and bathe elephants at a Malaysian rescue centre
  • Getting up close and personal with crocodiles in an underwater pen
  • Cage diving with sharks in Australia
  • A Chobe boat safari day in Botswana
  • Swimming with manatees in Florida
  • A whale-watching tour in Canada

As you can see, these wildlife experiences make fantastic gift ideas for travellers, and because gift cards can be sent via email, they’re super convenient for friends and family already on the road.

Sustainable wildlife experiences around the world

Tinggly are on a mission to revolutionize gift-giving, and that goes for sustainability too. With our Activist initiative, we’re aiming to protect the natural world and keep it beautiful for people to explore and enjoy for generations to come.