The most suitable gifts for business travellers

Expanding a business globally can transform how a person lives and works, bringing immense benefits, such as increased profits from new markets, as well as different challenges. If you have someone in your life that needs to travel regularly for work you’ll know that one of the biggest difficulties involved is frequently being physically separated from family and friends, especially at times when people normally come together such as holidays and birthdays. Even with technology such as video calling, regular business travel carries with it an emotional toll.

At times such as these, wherever your loved one is travelling, you can show them how much you miss them by finding them the best gift for business travelers using this guide.


If you’re walking in and out of meetings every week, one day in Dubai, one day in New York, you want to look good at all times. No point collecting all these air miles if you’re not going to make an impression on clients right from the get-go. A gift such as a pair of stylish shoes; trendy sunglasses; a watch or a pair of smart sunglasses, can not only be worn for work, but casually also. Looking good helps you feel good, and more confident, more likely to clinch that deal. You might want to think also about accessories such as fountain pens, business card cases or briefcases that can compliment an outfit.


Technology can make great gifts for the entrepreneur in your life. Not only can it help with work, but it can make life on the road a lot easier too. A tablet can be employed to give presentations as well as watch movies, or to browse online in hotel rooms. A fitbit can help someone to stay in shape despite airline food, constant business lunches or room service. A flash pair of headphones is fantastic for listening to music or films on planes, or wtorking without distractions in a busy environment.


Tinggly experiences make great presents for business travelers, whether you’re looking for company gift ideas for employees to keep them motivated, corporate Christmas gifts, or something for a wife or husband to entertain them in a foreign country. With a vast collection of experiences and activities spanning dozens of countries around the globe, the amount of choice is almost endless no matter a person’s interests. It’s an easy to use system and is sure to provoke anticipation and happy memories. Plus, as Tinggly gift vouchers are given in a stylish presentation box, they look fab when placed in a desk drawer or tucked into someone’s suitcase.


Business travel can often involve a degree of discomfort. Whether that’s flying in cramped economy class for hours on end, stiff mattresses in motels or being on your feet for hours on end. Anything that will help ease the discomfort will be welcome, from a pair of cosy flight socks to an inflating travel pillow to booking someone a massage on their arrival home.