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The best travel gifts are not things, the best travel gifts are experiences. Actively exploring new activities, new adventures, new places, new foods and wines, new moments, and new experiences that add meaning to our lives.

That’s why Tinggly experience gift boxes are bursting with the best travel gifts for men, the most mind-blowing travel gift ideas for women, and the best travel gifts for everyone who loves to wander and explore our planet. Containing hundreds of amazing choices every Tinggly travel gift box gives the gift of choice without limits. You give the box, the traveler chooses the one amazing experience that suits their travel plans. It’s that easy.
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Travel experiences are the ultimate travel gifts

There’s a lot of things a traveler can’t pack for a trip, but one of those things is definitely not a Tinggly travel gift box. In fact, a Tinggly travel gift box may just be the best gift any travel-lover can receive.

You see, Tinggly travel gift ideas are hand-selected to make the recipient happier. It’s a scientifically proven fact that experiences - over material possessions - make people happier by giving fulfillment, a sense of achievement, plus the experience is continuously relieved through the memories and the stories that come with them. This makes a Tinggly gift box a lot like the ultimate travel gift card.

Thanks to Tinggly travel gift ideas you’ll never again be stuck for a gift for someone who loves traveling and making great new memories.

Tinggly gift boxes are the perfect travel gifts for men and the perfect travel gifts for women because adventure and discovery know no gender. Every gift box from the Tinggly travel box comes packed with hundreds of amazing worldwide adventures - in over 100 countries around the world.

The Tinggly recipient can choose the one perfect experience that matches their travel plans, crosses an experience off their travel bucket list, or lets them create a whole itinerary centered around the experience they choose.

And the beautiful part is that every one of Tinggly’s best travel gifts comes with no expiry date. After all, every dedicated traveler knows that planning is half the fun of the whole experience.

The best travel gifts just got a whole lot better

So what kind of great travel experiences are included in a Tinggly travel gift box?

Here’s a tiny sample - don’t forget there are literally hundreds of amazing experiences in every Tinggly travel gift box.
  • Petrolhead? Choose from some of the most thrilling driving experiences around the world
  • How about taking a food and culture tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • A unique scuba diving experience in Cancun, Mexico
  • Take a unique overnight boating experience around the islands of Thailand
  • Get outdoors with an exhilarating hiking trip for two in Mount Fitzroy, Argentina
  • See the great Niagara Falls from the cockpit of a Helicopter
  • Take the unforgettable ‘Goldeneye’ bungee jump from Switzerland’s Contra Dam
  • Hop on board for a whale and dolphin watching trip in beautiful Dominica
  • Discover a night dive with manta rays in the waters of Hawaii
  • Take an extreme hiking trip on Alaska’s Worthington Glacier
  • Discover the delicious gastronomy of Peru with a local cookery experience
  • Enjoy the delights of Ireland’s city by the sea, Galway, with a local food and drinks tour
  • Bring your partner for a romantic dinner cruise on Paris’s River Seine
  • Try your hand at snowmobiling in the snowy forests of Finland
  • Explore the stunning lava fields of Iceland on horseback
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of Tinggly travel experiences to choose from, and the recipient just has to choose the one that suits their travels, their preferences, and the timing.

And you should know, Tinggly travel gifts are designed to make the planet smile too.

At Tinggly we are continuously striving to be kinder to the planet. It’s not just an idle boast, but as Tinggly is made up of passionate travelers every one of us wants to ensure that our travel gifts do no harm to the environment.

Tinggly travel gifts are designed to put a smile on people’s faces and create memories that will last a lifetime. We also want our experiences to be kind to the planet, which makes Tinggly travel gifts not just one great gift, but two wrapped into one.

So remember, when it comes to giving the best travel gifts - give stories, not stuff.