Why Experience Gifts Are Perfect Gifts for Your Employees

Saying thanks and connecting

As employers, we understand the incredible importance that people play within our company. Without our teams, managers, clients and partners, we simply would not be able to survive and succeed. That’s why we think saying ‘thank you’ is the best way to show our appreciation, alongside a regular wage.

Of course, for successful organizations, this isn’t a new concept. Corporate gifts for employees have been around since the invention of the pocket watch. However, we want to show you that there’s a brilliant new way to show your gratitude to your staff without spending money on material stuff.

Experience gifts for employees offer an opportunity to not only say thanks but also to build a personal connection between workers and the company they work for. It’s an emotional attachment. The same can be said for rewarding suppliers, clients and potential clients. It’s all about building a long-term, lasting relationship between both parties. 

It’s been proven that shared experiences create an emotional response and it’s this state of mind that engages the recipient of an experience gift with the gift giver. There’s simply no way that the same level of emotional engagement can be replicated by material gifts, cash or high street voucher schemes.

Why choose Tinggly experience gifts for employees?

Tinggly experience gifts for employees put the recipient in control. Inside every gift box there’s a choice of hundreds of experiences in hundreds of different countries. What’s more, most experiences are for two people so not only does the employee get rewarded but their other half does too.

Tinggly gives companies and organizations an opportunity to reward their staff, clients and business partners with an extremely personalized service. It’s unique to every individual because it’s up to them to choose which activity, a hotel getaway or travel adventure they want to experience.

It’s a fantastic way for your business to connect with all your staff and be a part of an emotional journey that starts with ‘thank you’ and lasts for a lifetime.

Benefits of Tinggly experience gifts

There’s so much choice

Tinggly gift box collections offer a remarkable amount of choice. At home or abroad, the lucky recipient has a huge variety of experiences to choose from. Also, Tinggly gift boxes come in two types: a physical gift box or an instant eVoucher.  

Environmentally friendly

Not only are Tinggly experience gifts for employees a fabulous idea for rewarding and motivating your teams and business partners but they’re kind to the planet too. 

Tinggly team help collect trash in Bali beach

Physical gift boxes are produced from recycled materials and only use eco-friendly inks within the packaging.

What’s more, Tinggly offset the CO2 generated through every experience by a whopping 200%. It’s this level of sustainability that really will set your business apart from your competitors when it comes to being part of the forward-thinking eco-friendly generation. 

NO expiry date

A huge reason why Tinggly experiences are so beneficial is because they don’t have any expiry dates. This means that the recipient gets to use their gift when the time is right, not because it’s about to go out of date, like a high street voucher. This is huge news if travel plans change or recipients want to wait for an extra special date in the calendar. 

Tried and tested

All experiences are hand picked and tried and tested to the highest of standards. All equipment used is fully safety checked and adheres to the strictest of standards when it comes to quality and safety.

Experiences are simply what we do best. We’re professionals and absolute experts when it comes to choosing and rejecting global experiences to suit you and your workforce.

A really easy concept

Tinggly gift experience collections are purchased online before being emailed or mailed to the recipient. If you’re ordering for an entire team, Tinggly can save you time by sending out experience gifts for you. All you need to do is send a list of recipients and we’ll do the rest.

When the recipient receives the gift, they’re free to browse through all the experiences and destinations before deciding which one is right for them. Easy!

A personalized approach

Choosing Tinggly experience gifts for employees allows businesses to customize each gift to each individual. Collections range from adrenaline and adventure to relaxation and culture. For him, for her, for them – every single collection contains more than one hundred extra special experiences to choose from.

Customer satisfaction

Since 2015, Tinggly has sold gift experiences to people living in more than 140 different countries. It’s this level of growth that has increased customer confidence and helped Tinggly become one of the best-loved and respected gift experience providers on the planet.  

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some quotes from our satisfied corporate clients:

Hawk Eye Innovations

We were so pleased with the service Tinggly supplied. The precision and promptness of communication made the process simple and straightforward. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.

The Giannuzzi Group

Seeing everyone’s reactions when they realized we gifted them and a loved one a VACATION was so heartwarming. The Tinggly team made it so simple to get custom gift boxes and it worth every penny!

Wee Beastie

From all my time working & coordinating with ANY vendor, Tinggly! have been the best experience I’ve ever had. Your communication and attention to detail to make sure the final product turned out just how we wanted was so appreciated.

What Tinggly experiences include:


Gifting an experience via email allows the recipient to instantly reap the rewards of their hard work. There’s no better surprise to wake up to in your inbox other than a choice of hundreds of different global experiences. It’s such an easy thing to do and, of course, environmentally friendly.

Mailed gift boxes

Physical eco-friendly gift boxes are delivered by DHL worldwide or USPS Priority (in the USA). Delivery usually takes around 2 – 5 working days to arrive at the home or workplace. It’s great to receive something positive through the post, especially when it’s from Tinggly!

Thousands of experiences in Europe, Australia and North America

Tinggly is responsible for researching and identifying awesome experiences across the globe. We’ve hand picked experiences that strengthen the connection between staff/clients/partners and employers. Not only that but we understand the value of variety when it comes to teams and individuals, alike. 

Our experience collections offer a way to celebrate special events, encourage quality time between friends and families, and ensure magical memories – not stuff – are made thanks to employers, like you. 

Check out some of the gift experience collections below to see what to buy your employees: 

Adrenaline activities and adventures

Do you know an employee that lives for adventure? They just love the thrill of the chase and daring to go where no one else would ever dream of going? Well, if that’s the case, an adrenaline experience gift collection will be the perfect reward for a job well done.

These types of collections encourage daredevils to embark on some of the best skydives, bungee jumps, driving experiences and helicopter rides from around the world.

All adrenaline experience gifts for employees are for one or two people so it won’t be just the lucky individual that gets to push themselves to the limits. Just you wait until you see the photos of Bob from Accounts flying through the air on a tandem skydive or Carol from Admin Control taking a Ferrari Spider for a spin on her day off.

Not only are adrenaline experiences a great gift for individuals, but they also work really well for team building events too. 

For couples

Remembering the other person in your employee’s life always goes down well at gift giving presentations. It’s not often that we reward partners, wives and husbands, as well as other friends and family members who don’t necessarily work for the company. Imagine if we did? Kudos!

Sharing really is caring and there’s no better corporate gifts for employees other than a gift box collection that’s designed for couples. These experiences for two people allow lucky recipients to spend time together eating, drinking and discovering the world.

The Fun Together experience collection, for example, contains a choice of over 400 different activities in more than 100 separate countries. You could both become beekeepers in France, go beach fishing in Brazil or take a tour of Bulgaria’s beautiful lake district.  

Alternatively, if your star employee and their partner are notorious foodies, why not reward them both with a choice of more than 180 food-orientated experiences in 50 different countries? From sushi making in Japan to tapas tours in Spain – the Taste the World gift experience collection really does what it says on the plastic-free packaging.

Special occasions

If you’re got a member of the team that’s been with the company for a while, you want to let them know that you’re thinking of them when they’re celebrating a special occasion. Experience gifts for employees are almost like saying that you think of them like a friend or one of the family. 

Just watch their smile when you tell them you remembered their birthday or anniversary, or you present them with an experience gift box collection at Christmas or Easter. It’s these little moments of empathy that really do go a long way to creating a long lasting working relationship.

Wedding and honeymoon experiences work really well too. If you know Beryl in Finance is about to tie the knot, why not give her a Happily Ever After gift box collection to mark the occasion in style? She’ll have the choice of over 350 romantic experiences in more than 100 countries. 

Retirement, too, is an occasion to really push the boat out to say thank you for an employee’s years of service. Gone are the days of corporate gifts for employees that feature a gold watch and a hand shake before you’re pushed out the door. 

Forward thinking employers would much rather reward an old timer with a choice of weekend getaways or bucket list adventures to really let the retiree and the rest of the team know you’re sorry to see them leave.

Hotel getaways

Of course, you don’t just have to be retiring to be in line for a weekend break. Giving an employee a hotel getaway gift collection is a brilliant way to reward them for all their hard work or years of service. 

These experience gifts for employees give recipients the chance to invite a friend, member of the family or partner away on a night or two to remember. Weekend breaks can be taken all over North America and Europe with a choice of 3 – 5 star hotels included.

Again, as there’s absolutely no expiry date, these getaway gifts are able to be saved and used when the time’s right to travel again. Alternatively, they can be taken in your home town. In that lovely hotel that everyone talks about, all the time, yeah that one!

USA getaway gifts feature enchanting New Orleans escapades, weekends in Washington DC and Aloha weekends in Hawaii. European hotel getaways include everywhere from Italy, England and France, to Spain, Scotland and Russia. There are just so many hotel getaways to choose from that your employee of the month will literally be spoiled for choice.

What better way to say well done and thank you for all your hard work other than by giving your employee time off to take a break? Getaway gift collections are an amazing incentive, not only for other team members but also for the lucky recipient. 

Experience gifts for employees that include a weekend break option really encourage people to take time out. As a manager, boss or company owner, you’re saying ‘take a break, have a rest, you deserve it – this one’s on me!’ No guilt attached, just a pure and simple thank you for being awesome. All thanks to their employers.

Also, if you’ve got an entire team that you think deserves a big thank you then why not reward them with a hotel getaway? All they need to do is choose the same hotel in the same destination at the same time and that’s that. Team bonding at the weekend has never been so exciting! 

In summary:

Experiences connect us and that’s why experience gifts are perfect gifts for your employees. Building the bond between teams, clients, partners and management is as simple as helping to make more stories, and less stuff. 

It all starts with you. Let’s go!