100 Things to Experience Before You Die

Check out these amazing experience gift ideas, and never have to worry about finding someone the perfect gift ever again. With an experience gift card from Tinggly, the recipient chooses what to do, when and where, according to their own interests and passions. Simple for you, satisfying for them, and with no expiry dates to worry about, they make fantastic travel gifts too.

Give stories, not stuff, with Tinggly experience gifts. With 100s of incredible activities to try all around the world, they’re the ultimate in bucket list gifts. If you want inspiration on 100 things to experience before you die, look no further.
No expiration date
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Experience gift ideas for friends and family with wanderlust

Travel gifts that will fit in any backpack

Ever struggle with finding the right gift for someone on a special occasion. We know that feeling too. That’s why the Tinggly team searches the globe to track down the world’s greatest activity gift ideas, and brings them all together in one place, showcasing the 100 things to experience before you die.

With these unique travel gifts, the recipient gets to choose what they want to do from 100s of amazing activities in over 100 countries. It makes it so easy for you to get them something they’ll love, and it means they can have hours of fun just making a decision. Experience gifts are ideal for travelers because they can use them to enhance their holidays, or even build their holidays around them! Here’s how it works…

Experience gifts explained

If you’ve never given anyone an experience gift card before, it’s a very simple process:

  1. Start by choosing an experience gift box from the Tinggly collection according to the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online with just a few clicks of the mouse
  3. Add a personal message to the recipient, and an address, and you’re all done!

Now you can relax, safe in the knowledge that Tinggly will mail your experience gift box to the recipient anywhere in the world. Or to you, if you’d like to hand it over in person. And experience gifts can also be sent via email, if it’s more convenient - another reason why they make such useful travel gifts.

Redeeming their experience gifts

The fun really starts when the recipient gets to choose what they want to do. On the Tinggly map they’ll find 100s of awesome experience gift ideas. When they’ve made a decision, they just need to get in touch with the team here at Tinggly Towers, and we’ll make a reservation on their behalf (we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to get the best time slots).

No expiry dates

Great news! These experience gifts have NO expiry dates, which means that if they lose their experience gift card for a while, or their travel plans change, there’s nothing to worry about. They’re as useful two years from now as they are next week.

Eco-friendly gifts

What good would these experience gift ideas be if they didn’t give a little back? 

Our Activist program has many more details on how Tinggly is getting sustainable.

Experience gift ideas you can recommend:

  • Ice caving and glacier hiking in Iceland
  • The legendary ‘Goldeneye’ bungee jump in Switzerland
  • Learning how to skydive in a vertical wind tunnel
  • Testing your skills in a thrilling flight simulator
  • Stock-car racing in the USA
  • Touring Havana in a stylish vintage car
  • Learning how to craft your own perfume in France