Czechia Experience Gifts

If you’re planning to travel to the Czech Republic, crossing Prague’s Charles Bridge at sunrise is bound to be top of your to-do list. But this wonderful European destination has so much more to offer. Tinggly has hand-picked a selection of Czech experience gifts for any traveler to Czechia to experience.

From Ostrava in the east - where four rivers meet - to the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary in the west, the Czech Republic is as diverse as it is wonderfully impressive. Like the crown of Czech gift cards, a Tinggly Czech experience gift box introduces a whole new world to travel addicts and adventure lovers.
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Welcome to the Czech gift box of delights

The Tinggly Czech experience gifts box adds an extra dimension to any traveler visiting this great part of the world. From dinners cruises through the historic heart of Prague, to sampling tours of some of the best breweries in the world, any Czech experience gift is sure to last long in the memory.

But any visit to the Czech Republic is so much more than wandering the story-filled backstreets of the country’s capital. The entire country comes as an Alladin’s Cave of great discoveries, natural beauty, amazing outdoor and indoor experiences, towns and villages steeped in history and culture, along with tastes so delicious you’ll wonder why you haven’t visited before.

Czech experiences you just can’t miss

Once you leave the cities behind and begin your exploration at the heart of Europe the Czech Republic is full of some amazing surprises.

Did you know:

Castles - The Czech Republic has the greatest density of castles and palaces in all of Europe. With over 2,000 castles, dotted throughout the country, the castles and fortifications - some of them the oldest in the world - stand as a testament to central Europe’s turbulent history.

Bones - Seriously, bones! The small city of Kutna Hora is the location of Sedlec Ossuary, a small and chilling chapel housing the bones of up to 65,000 people. The bones are decoratively arranged as a reminder of the Black Death which tore through the continent during the 14th century.

Bohemian Rhapsody - The region of Bohemia, located in the country’s north has some of the most spectacular landscapes anywhere in Europe. As the Czech Republic’s first National Park the Bohemian Paradise is the perfect escape for hikers, cyclists, canoeists, and adventurers. As a bonus, the Bozkov Dolomite Caves are home to the country’s largest underground lake.

Beer - Of course you can’t forget about beer when you talk about the ultimate in Czech experiences. Beer and the art of brewing beer is almost a religion in the Czech Republic. And why wouldn’t it be with a national brewing tradition dating back to the year 993AD? The town of Pilsner is regarded by many as a shrine to great beer making. Famed for it’s Pilsner Urquell brand this great little town - check out the underground tour - even hosts its own yearly beer festival.

If you know someone touring Europe or visiting Czechia specifically, a Tinggly Czech experience gift is sure to add an exciting extra element to their travels, enjoyment, and discovery of this European nugget.

And don’t forget; Tinggly experience gifts can be given online from the comfort of your home, plus, all Tinggly experiences are sustainable and respectful to the environment.