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How Tinggly works?

You choose a gift box
Select a themed gift box that matches the occasion and budget.
We deliver eVoucher or box
Receive your gift as a physical box or an eVoucher, sent directly to you or the recipient.
They pick one activity
Your recipient chooses their favorite activity and schedules it at their convenience.

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Why a Gift Box?

Thousands of Options
Thousands of Options
  • Each box contains thousands of experience options
  • There is no expiration day, so there is plenty of time to pick the perfect experience
  • You just need to select the box according to theme and budget and let them choose their own adventure!
One Perfect Adventure
San Francisco Thrill Seeker
One Perfect Adventure
  • Flexibility: the recipient can choose one adventure according to their taste
  • Variety: the experience selection ranges from well-being, food & wine or lifestyle to thrilling adventure experiences
  • Freedom: can be used anywhere in the world!
Gift card

What will the recipient get?

  • A box with your selected themed sleeve
  • An explanatory brochure with experience journal to plan and inspire their upcoming adventures
  • An experience voucher
  • A possibility to choose their own adventure
  • An unforgettable memory to cherish for a lifetime
  • A printable experience voucher with your custom message
  • A possibility to choose their own adventure
  • An unforgettable memory to cherish for a lifetime

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Tinggly Gift Box is a carefully curated collection of hand-picked experiences from around the world, themed for any occasion. Once opened, the recipient chooses one experience from the box to enjoy at their convenience.
Inside our sustainable gift box, you'll find a voucher code to unlock experiences, and an inspirational brochure to find your next adventure.
Select the right budget and occasion. Each gift box is named with a unique theme in mind, making it easy for you to decide.
The number of participants is entirely up to the gift recipient. Some experiences can be enjoyed solo, while others can be shared with a significant other, family, or friends, with all costs covered by this gift box.
Yes, gift recipients can exchange the gift box for monetary value by clicking on the 'My Vouchers' tab in the Tinggly account.
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Inspirational and unique experience gift ideas

Gift card ideas for all of your friends and family to enjoy

For gift ideas that will really put a Wow on someone’s face, introducing Tinggly, where you give stories, not stuff.

Research has shown that the anticipation of a fun experience, and the happy memories associated with it afterwards, are far more intense than you get from receiving any material item. Think about it - you can probably remember a great holiday you took 20 years ago with friends quite clearly and fondly, right? But do you still get the same rush of pleasure when you look at a cushion someone once bought you, or a nice picture frame you received for your birthday? Which is why, when it comes to celebrating special occasions and treating loved ones, more and more people are looking for experience gift ideas instead.

With Tinggly, you’re giving people the gift of choice. They decide what to do, when and where, from a collection of 100s of amazing experiences in well over 100 countries - these are fantastic traveling gift ideas. And because these gift cards don’t have any expiry dates, there’s no rush for anyone to decide what to do - they can add a new dimension to someone’s holiday several years down the road.

Gift box ideas for any occasion

How it works is very simple. First select from the various gift box ideas online using the Tinggly website. Perhaps depending on the occasion - as well as traveling gift ideas these also make great Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts and high school graduation gifts. And they’re perfect for couples too. 

Next, you pay securely online with a few clicks of the mouse. Add a personal note, and you’re all done. Gift cards can be sent either directly to the recipient, or to you so that you can hand them over in person. Either way, they arrive packaged up in a stylish presentation box. And if it’s more convenient, say the recipient is abroad and you don’t have their address, their gift cards can also be sent by email.

Redeeming experience gift ideas

Once your friends and family have received their gift cards, they can then spend happy hours browsing the Tinggly map, showcasing the many different types of experience gift ideas open to them. After they make a decision, they just contact the dedicated Tinggly team, who will make the booking on their behalf. Easy, right?

Eco-friendly gift card ideas

One last thing to mention. If you’re looking for eco-friendly gift card ideas, look no further. As part of our sustainability efforts, Tinggly commits to the following every time someone buys one of our experience gift cards:

A few unforgettable experience gift ideas that your friends and family can choose from:

  • Home cookery lessons with local chefs - perfect for foodies
  • Luxurious and revitalising spa days
  • Bungee jumps and tandem skydives
  • Track days in a variety of amazing supercars
  • Sightseeing flights by helicopter or hot air balloon
  • Wine tasting and craft brewery tours