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Explore West Palm Beach from a new perspective with West Palm Beach Experience Gifts and surprise your loved ones with unforgettable adventures! Whether it’s a Loxahatchee River Tour or Blue Heron Bridge Snorkel Tour - Tinggly has something for everyone’s taste! Get your perfect gift for any special occasion, or treat your own self with our unique West Palm Beach Experience Gifts.
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Give stories, not stuff, with West Palm Beach Experience Gifts

How to choose the best West Palm Beach Experience Gift

At Tinggly, we present three distinctive gift solutions: Experience Collections, Single Experiences, and Hotel Stay Collections. What makes them differ?

Experience Collections offer your gift recipient 10,000+ diverse, carefully chosen experiences to pick from based on their preferences. Our Once in a Lifetime Experience Collection remains our client’s favorite offering various options for a great time in numerous cities, guaranteed to be a West Palm Beach Experience Gift to remember. 

Single Experiences allow you to explore various experiences across West Palm Beach. Tailor your selection to your gift recipient's hobbies, whether it's a hot air balloon ride or one of the restful spa treatments in West Palm Beach. Navigate our curated list of featured gifts designed for every special occasion, such as birthday gifts, ensuring you find the perfect, personalized gift that aligns seamlessly with your preferences and creates lasting memories. For those who just finished their studies, check out our selection of graduation gifts, and for those planning to be soon happily married - explore a variety of unique wedding gifts

Hotel Stay Collections is a perfect gift-solution for those looking for a restful weekend getaway or a spontaneous city escape. Each Hotel Collection includes various hotels in the US and worldwide, so the recipient can choose and book a one-night or weekend getaway they like, including West Palm Beach. Discover our 2 Days in 100 Capitals Hotel Collection - loved by Tinggly’s customers, and designed to create an unforgettable, top-notch hotel stay for one night.

How to use Tinggly for West Palm Beach Experience Gifts

Get your West Palm Beach Experience Gift ready in just a few minutes with our easy 3-step process:

  1. You choose a desired Experience Collection or a gift from 10,000+ Single Experiences

  2. The recipient receives a prepaid voucher. There’s no expiration date! The voucher can be redeemed at any time.

  3. They redeem the gift, choose and book the desired experience, and enjoy!

West Palm Beach Experience Gift Cards

Struggling to choose the perfect gift? We've got you covered with Tinggly Gift Card. With 10,000+ experiences, including balloon rides, tours, spas & hotel stays, the recipient gets to choose their adventure, according to their passions and interests. 

Why our customers choose Tinggly for West Palm Beach Experience Gifts

Our team’s carefully selected West Palm Beach experiences will make the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. Tinggly’s customers love that all experience gifts are sustainable: we offset the CO2 footprint by a whopping 200% for every experience booked. When you buy a Tinggly gift box, at least 1% of your gift price goes to the Eden Reforestation Project to plant and protect trees around the world. That's up to 40 trees per gift! We care, so we take responsibility for the health of our planet and address today's most pressing environmental challenges. We know you care too.

If you are looking for a unique present for a special person, gifting an experience in West Palm Beach will not only make it truly memorable, but will also add to the positive change of gifting culture, and protect the planet. 



  1. What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a global gift-solution company that offers the world's best experiences. We scour the globe to find the most inspiring top-quality experiences, and then let you share them as the ultimate gift for family and friends. You can choose between a physical Tinggly gift box or an e-Voucher, and send it as a gift!

The gift recipient then gets to choose an experience from 10,000+ different options in 100+ countries worldwide. As a return, we plant and protect trees & offset 200% of CO2 created during your chosen experience!

  1. What is the difference between a single experience and an experience collection?

A single experience is a specific experience in a particular location (for example, a pasta cooking class in West Palm Beach). Experience Collection is a pre-made collection containing hundreds of handpicked experiences worldwide. For example, our “Once in a Lifetime” collection has 400+ experiences. The recipient gets to choose one experience they love the most.

  1. What does the physical gift box include? 

Tinggly physical gift box includes a physical gift voucher and an experience journal - to plan and inspire your upcoming experiences. It also tells a story about Tinggly and the evolution of experience gifting culture.

  1. I want to gift a Tinggly experience collection. How can I do it?

Visit the Experience Collections page;

Choose from Tinggly Experience Collections handpicked for every occasion;

Choose the number of participants you want for the selected experience and add it to the cart.

  1. I’ve got a Tinggly experience. How can I use it?

Go to the Redeem page and enter your voucher code (which can be found either on your eVoucher or physical card);

You will be asked to log in or register if you do not have an account;

Your gift will then appear in your account's Vouchers section;

Click on Book Now if you want to book this experience, or click Exchange if you want to exchange the value of your gift for Tinggly value, and get it added to your account.