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Sometimes Germany gets a little overlooked when we think about great travel destinations. Sure, everyone knows Germany’s travel cliches, Oktoberfest, the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, or a hike in the Black Forest, but Germany has much more to offer. Tinggly has hand-selected and compiled a selection of some amazing experiences right across Germany and introduced them to their best-selling experience gift boxes. If you have family or friends visiting Europe why not introduce them to some amazing activities in Germany with a Tinggly gift box. They can choose one experience from some great activities, like a wine cruise on the Rhine, VIP dinner for two at the top of Berlin’s TV Tower, a visit to the fairytale-perfect Neuschwanstein Castle, or even a couple of laps around the Nürburgring in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. And it couldn’t be more simple, you buy the Tinggly gift box and let the recipient make the one choice that suits their personality and their travel plans.
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Germany Gifts - Willkommen in Deutschland

So, you’ve got some family and friends visiting Europe and you’d like to help them out, but you don’t know what to do. Maybe they’re traveling to celebrate an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, or even a retirement, and you really want to give them a gift that will enhance their journey of discovery. Well, you can stop scratching your head, Tinggly has the perfect gift idea for anyone about to embark on a journey through Europe, and especially through Germany. In fact, Tinggly has a selection of the best Germany experience gifts you’re likely to find anywhere.

Germany is a lot bigger than most people think. From Frankfurt and the islands of the north all the way to the picturesque beauty around Ravensburg and Upper Swabia in the south. But there’s also a lot in between to capture the imagination and Tinggly has tried to capture a little of everything that’s on offer.

The Tinggly recipients can choose one amazing adventure from either the city or the countryside, whatever suits them and their travel plans. We’ve picked the very best Berlin experience gifts, the best Munich experience gifts, and the very best from right across this fascinating, and beautiful country. Every trip to Germany is sure to shatter your preconceptions and open your imagination to the other side of Germany.

Germany - unlock the experience

What you’ll find inside your Tinggly experience gift collection is a range of incredible activities, tours, dinner cruises, excursions, and adventures, the recipient gets to choose the one that’s right for them. With Germany as the focus of these experiences, the list is both comprehensive and exciting. Dinner cruises in Berlin, traditional beer tours, a day tour to Berchtesgaden & Obersalzberg from Munich for Two, Bavarian culture discoveries, visit the unsettling surroundings of Dachau concentration camp, and even a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration behind the famous Disney Fairytale castle.

If your Euro-touring recipients like their travels a little more adrenalin-filled they can always opt for a Tinggly tandem skydive over Eggenfalden, or sit behind the wheel of a supercar and throttle their way around the famous racing circuit of Nürburgring.

Or if they like their pleasures a little more sedate they can enjoy a secret food tour of Berlin, a VIP dinner and concert with the Berlin Residence Orchestra, a gourmet food-tasting at the Munich Viktualienmarkt for two, or how about a food and art tour in Berlin’s funky Kreuzberg district.

Give stories, not stuff

And here are some more amazing benefits that come with choosing and giving Tinggly experience gifts. Tinggly gifts have NO expiry date and even come with a full refund guarantee - not that you’ll ever need to use it.

But the real beauty of giving a Tinggly gift box is that Tinggly is totally committed to being a fully sustainable company. Not only that, but even if the experience you choose is a helicopter ride or a couple of laps in a supercar Tinggly will offset the carbon footprint by a staggering 200%. And most recently, all of Tinggly’s packaging now comes as 100% recycled/recyclable and are printed using planet-friendly inks.

As a company, Tinggly is constantly monitoring and reimagining how we can be kinder to the planet. We don’t do this just so we can have a modern environmentally-friendly sales tagline, we do this because it’s a core value of giving experiences that enhance people’s lives in harmony with the world around us.
So, next time you want to choose a gift that makes a difference - for the recipient and for the planet - choose a Tinggly experience gift collection. As we like to say, ‘Give Stories, Not Stuff’.