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If you know someone planning to travel to the UK, a Tinggly UK experience gifts box is an ideal way to add an extra and unique dimension to their overall experience. With a selection of super Tinggly UK experience gifts to choose from, a UK gift card will open the entire country for discovery. Let the recipient choose from some of the best UK experience gifts and choose the one that suits them most. From the Highlands of Scotland to the beautiful southern coast a Tinggly UK experience gift will add adventure, discovery, and a range of relaxing and life-enhancing pursuits to any UK visit.
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Give great times with Tinggly UK experience gifts

With thousands of miles of great coastlines, buzzing and vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, a long and often baffling history, and a never-ending supply of amazing adventures, a Tinggly UK experience gift box offers a multitude of incredible experiences to suit everyone.

From Harry Potter movie locations to exploring the country’s Royal palaces, or discovering the stories of London’s ancient past to the mysteries of Stonehenge, the UK reads like a travel-lovers bucket list. Tinggly has gone to great lengths to hand-pick some of the greatest discoveries that go to make up the very best UK experience gift boxes.

It’s fair to say that a visit to the UK is guaranteed to be a seminal highlight of any European travel experience. Whether the Tinggly UK experience gift box recipient is excited by history, wild places, rugged countrysides, cities bustling with nightlife, or prefer to explore the cultural and culinary temptations the country has to offer, Tinggly has left no stone unturned.

Try to think of a Tinggly experience gift box as the pinnacle of UK gift cards - you give the gift and the recipient chooses one great experience that’s sure to underline their travels.

How to give a Tinggly UK experience gift

So, you need a gift for someone who lives for travel, new experiences, adventures, or discoveries. But what to choose?

It’s a fact that the gift of real experiences makes people happier than receiving material possessions, and a Tinggly UK experience gift box is no exception.

A 2014 scientific study by Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, suggests that experiences are ‘[...] far more powerful in shaping our lives and boosting our happiness than any commercial, material goods.’

Now that’s a real gift, not just for now, not just for the moment, but a gift that will last long into the future in the form of memories and stories that can be re-lived and shared over and over.

What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to give a Tinggly UK experience gift.

Choose the gift box you want to give, create your own personal message - whether your experience gift is for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, a colleague, client, or simply to say thank you to someone special - and have your Tinggly UK gift card delivered instantly via email, or by traditional mail all wrapped up in a beautifully designed gift box.

However you choose to send your Tinggly gift and message, the result is sure to be the same - the gift of happiness.

Plus, at Tinggly we’ve discovered that the recipient of any collection from the Tinggly gift box series remembers the person who gave the gift as being an essential part of the whole experience.

Why the Tinggly UK experience gift box is a box of discovery

Not everyone is the same, we all like different things. What one person may think of as being the thrill of a lifetime, another person might shrug their shoulders and say ‘that’s not for me’. That’s why a Tinggly UK experience gift box contains something for everyone to enjoy in their own particular way.

So what can the recipient expect to find inside a Tinggly UK experience gift box?

Full of a diverse selection of the best experiences in a wide range of locations across the UK, the Tinggly UK experience gift box collection is the ideal complement to any travel plans, letting the recipient choose one great experience to enhance their entire trip.

  • See the magic of Hogwarts come to life with an incredible Harry Potter studio experience
  • Take a tour of Buckingham Palace with afternoon tea - and bring a friend
  • Stimulate the senses with a hot air balloon ride over the stunning Lake District
  • Choose a Multipass to experience London’s great sites and attractions
  • Go back in time to the land or druids with a trip to Stonehenge
  • Get the adrenaline pumping with a bungee jump from the Tees Transporter bridge
  • Saddle up and explore the beaches and hidden coves of Cornwall on horseback
  • Enter the world of 007 and experience the thrills of driving an Aston Martin supercar
  • Relax and soak up the sights of the capital with an afternoon London tea cruise
  • Take to the stage with an unforgettable tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

As you can see, there really is an awesome experience to suit every person, no matter what their individual preferences.

A Tinggly UK experience gift is good for you, and the planet

The whole world is becoming more conscious of our actions and how we affect the planet. Here at Tinggly experience gifts, being sustainable is not just a throw-away slogan or sales gimmick. For Tinggly, being sustainable is a fundamental component across our entire business and lifestyle model.

All Tinggly team members are ardent lovers of travel, adventure, and sustainability, that’s why this aspect of our business is central to our way of doing things.

So far, in our efforts to be kinder, and more in tune with the environment, we have introduced a series of changes for the better.

If the experience the recipient chooses involves driving a supercar or taking a helicopter ride Tinggly will offset the activities carbon footprint by a whopping 200%.

Every Tinggly gift box and other packaging materials are guaranteed 100% recycled/recycled and are produced using planet-friendly inks.

Plus, we are always on the lookout for new ways to work in harmony with the world around us. If you have any questions or ideas, we would love to hear from you.

That’s why Tinggly experience gifts are not just the most incredible gifts for the recipient, but Tinggly experience gifts are the most incredible gifts for the planet too.

Give the gift of happiness, for you, for the recipient, and for the environment.