Father's Day Experience Gifts

Your Dad is one of a kind, so it's only natural that you want to get him truly unique Father's Day gifts. With these original experience gift boxes from Tinggly, your Dad can choose from hundreds of incredible adventures around the world that match his interests and travel plans.

Simple to purchase, easy to use, and driven by a sustainable ethos, Tinggly Experience Gift boxes offer a ticket to adventure in over 100 countries. The only challenge is deciding what to do - fortunately, there are no expiry dates to worry about. Father's Day experience gifts are the best way to show how much you care and create unforgettable memories together.
No expiration date
Easy refund
Free exchange
Easy booking
Planet friendly
Global availability

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Father’s Day experience gifts Your Dad will love

Gift Ideas for every Dad

Looking for great Father’s Day gifts that will make your Dad, or the father figure in your life, happy? Look no further! With Tinggly gift cards for Dads, you’ve found a unique gift idea that he’ll love.

Say no to new socks, whisky tumblers, and golf balls. Great gifts are inspiring and exciting. Why give your Dad more stuff when you can give him amazing stories instead?

Your Dad will be able to choose from hundreds of incredible experiences all around the world, perfectly fitting his interests, passions, and travel plans. Some experiences can even be enjoyed by two people, allowing him to share the adventure.

How do Father’s Day experience gift boxes work?

It’s so easy. Start by checking out the various Father’s Day experience gift boxes online in the Tinggly collection. Select the one you want according to your budget, and pay securely with just a few clicks. After you’ve added a personal message and an address for the gift boxes to be sent to, you’re all done. It really is that quick to get the best Father’s Day gifts!

Father’s Day experiences can be sent through the mail anywhere in the world, arriving within a few days in a stylish presentation box. You can have the box sent to you if you want to hand over the gift in person, or send it by email for convenience.

Redeeming his Father’s Day gifts

Once your Dad has his experience gift box, he can start deciding what he wants to do, when, and where. There’s no rush! These gift boxes have NO expiry dates, so they fit perfectly with your Dad’s travel plans, even if they are far in the future.

When he’s made up his mind, he just needs to contact the Tinggly team, who will be happy to make a reservation on his behalf. We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to ensure the best time slots.

Fathers Day experience gifts included in different gift boxes:

Eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts

These Father’s Day gifts for Dad aren’t just simple to buy and satisfying to use—they’re sustainable too. At Tinggly, we’re committed to helping the environment, which is why we’re taking steps to make our gift experiences as eco-friendly as possible.

We’re serious about leaving the planet a better place for future generations to experience. Join us on our mission!

Frequently asked questions about Father’s Day Experience Gifts

What experience to buy for dad?

Consider experience gifts for your dad like tickets to a sporting event or concert, a cooking class, a brewery or winery tour, a golf outing, or a weekend getaway. Tailor the experience to his interests for a memorable and unique gift. Better yet, you can buy a experience gift box that can have all of his favorite experiences in one place. 

How to make a surprise for Father's Day?

Plan a surprise by organizing a family gathering, preparing his favorite meal, or arranging a special activity he enjoys. Create a personalized gift or experience, and ensure everyone involved keeps it a secret until the big reveal.

Are there experience gifts suitable for Dads of all ages?

Yes, experience gifts suitable for Dads of all ages include fishing trips, cooking classes, golf outings, movie nights, museum visits, and travel adventures. Choose experiences that align with his hobbies and preferences for maximum enjoyment.