Georgia Experience Gifts

Introducing Georgia experiences from Tinggly, the easiest and most enjoyable way to find gifts for friends and family who love to travel. They can exchange their Georgia gift cards against one of many exciting activities according to their own interests and travel plans, making their holidays even more fun!

Our Georgia travel gifts are so easy to buy, and so easy to use, but they’re also sustainable - every time you buy one you’re giving something back to the environment too. And with no expiry dates to worry about, these Georgia experiences are the most useful travel gift around.
No expiration date
Easy refund
Free exchange
Easy booking
Planet friendly
Global availability

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Georgia experiences - ideal gift ideas for travelers

How to buy Georgia experience gifts

If you’re new to experience gifts then the concept behind them is very simple: an experience tends to be far more emotionally rewarding than a material item as a gift, and the memories can often last for years. You simply don’t get that enduring sense of satisfaction from a new golf club or a nice lamp. 

So if you have a really important celebration coming up soon, such as a milestone anniversary or a close friend’s wedding, then it makes sense to buy them experiences as gifts, for something really special, unique and exciting. 

At Tinggly, our Georgia experience gifts introduce you to this fascinating Caucasus country, a former Soviet republic famed for its wine-making heritage and Black Sea coastal resorts. But what makes these Georgia experiences truly different is that it’s the recipient(s) who chooses what they’d like to do, according to their own passions and interests. All you’re giving them is the gift of choice - and they’ll never struggle for inspiration with Tinggly. Here’s how to buy Georgia gift cards your friends and family will love.

  1. Decide which of our many online gift cards best suits the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online with a few clicks of your mouse
  3. Add a personal message for the recipient(s) and an address for us to send their travel gift card to

That’s all it takes! Next, we’ll send your Georgia travel gift to the recipient(s) wherever they’re based. You can either have it sent packaged in a stylish presentation box directly to them or to yourself if you’d like to hand it over in person. And we can also email our Georgia gift cards if that’s more convenient.

How to redeem a Georgia experience gift

In order to redeem their Georgia gift, all the recipient(s) needs to do is browse the Tinggly map, view details of the various brilliant Georgia experiences available to them, and let our friendly team know what they’d like to do, when and where. We take care of the reservations on their behalf.

And remember: our Georgia gifts have NO expiry dates. There is no obligation to make a booking straight away. These Georgia travel gifts are as useful in a year from now as they are next week.

Eco-friendly Georgia experiences 

Looking for eco-friendly gift ideas for friends and family? Look no further. Whenever you buy one of our Georgia experiences, we pledge to do the following: