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Graduation Gifts For Son

If your son is graduating high school or college, you naturally want to get him something to mark this special occasion, and reward his efforts. But given that young guys’ interests can change from one minute to the next and you want a gift to remember, what are the best graduation gifts for your son?

The answer is a Tinggly gift card. Contained within, a voucher that can be easily exchanged against one of 10,000+ of amazing experiences all around the world - it’s a ticket to adventure, cultural discovery, broadening the mind. With these graduation gifts for sons, you not only guarantee satisfaction, you also ensure they’re going to be left with happy memories that can last years.
No expiration date
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Fantastic graduation gifts for son

How to find the best graduation gifts for my son

Tinggly graduation gifts open the door to a world of discovery. With 100s of experiences to try around the world there is something to suit everyone whatever their passions and interests. As college graduation gifts for sons, they are perfect, full of exciting activities to try from adrenaline-packed skydives and bungee jumps to supercar track days (license required of course!) to guided brewery tours for those with a taste for the finer things in life.

The gift-giving process is remarkably simple. All you need to do is choose the package you want, from several that are suitable as graduation gifts for sons. Pay securely online, add a personal note of congratulations on their achievement, and you’re done. We’ll send his experience gift voucher packaged in a stylish presentation box either directly to him, or to you so that you can hand it over in person on the big day. And if he’s already travelling, no problem - experience gift vouchers can also be conveniently sent by email.

Once he’s received his graduation gift card, he can spend happy hours browsing the experiences map to see what’s available - it’s a fantastic gift idea for teens that want to travel, but he’s sure to find plenty of things to do close by as well.

No expiry dates 

And by the way, Tinggly graduation experience gifts have no expiry date. So there’s no need for him to rush the decision-making.

Graduation gift ideas for a son might include:

  • Tandem skydives, available around the world
  • A lava horse-riding tour in Iceland
  • Kayaking on the San Antonio River in Texas
  • Exploring underground caves in Mexico
  • Night-diving with manta rays in Hawaii

Graduation gifts ideas for son 

These experience vouchers serve as brilliant and original college graduation gifts for sons - real bucket list adventures. But don’t just take our word for it.

Research indicates that the anticipation and happy memories associated with an experience are far greater than those you get from any material gift. He will probably be talking about his first bungee jump, or the time he swam with sharks in Florida, for years to come. 

And if you want eco friendly graduation gifts for him, Tinggly gift boxes are sustainable too. Here’s why.

  • All experience gift boxes are packaged in recycled or recyclable material
  • For every voucher sold, we offset the carbon footprint of the average experience by 200%
  • Every time you buy a Tinggly gift voucher, we commit to removing 33lbs (15kg) of plastic waste from the environment

So if you’re looking for the best graduation gift ideas for sons, college or high school, then give stories, not stuff, and watch his face light up with joy.