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The uniquely inspiring European country of Hungary is often ignored or overlooked by travelers. That’s why a Tinggly Hungary experience gift box is a great way to give someone the gift of a selection of unforgettable Hungarian experiences and discoveries, letting them choose the one experience that suits them most.

Maybe you know a travel-addict with plans to explore Europe? If you do, a Tinggly experience gift box is the perfect present. With some super experience gifts in Hungary to choose from you’re giving the gift of choice where the traveler gets to choose a unique travel experience to add their discoveries.
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Hungary experiences, activities, adventures, and discoveries

Tinggly presents the Hungary experience gift collection that’s sure to add a whole new palette of color to any traveler’s adventures in Europe. For some reason, Hungary is often overlooked as a European travel destination. With one of the most vibrant capital cities in Europe and some of the most stunning scenery, Hungary is a rare treasure waiting to be discovered.

If you’re stuck for a gift for someone who loves to have amazing adventures, indulge in exciting new activities, or make unforgettable discoveries off the beaten track, a Tinggly Hungary experience gift is sure to put a smile on their face.

Located at the heart of Central Europe, Hungary’s rich cultural heritage has left a lasting legacy on the landscape, the people, the traditions, and the tastes waiting to be discovered.

When you give a Hungary gift box to someone you’re giving the gift of a choice for the recipient to indulge in the one great experience that matches their itinerary, or even allows them to create a whole itinerary based around the one activity that suits them best. And what’s more, you can give the gift of great new Hungarian experiences without leaving your home.

Just order online, include your personal message, and arrange delivery - Tinggly experiences can be gifted in the form of a unique Hungary gift card or e-voucher and delivered instantly via email anywhere in the world. Or, if you prefer, you can have a beautiful Tinggly presentation gift box delivered directly to their home.

Inside the Tinggly world of Hungary experience gifts

Every traveler is different, that’s why a Tinggly Hungary gift collection contains a selection of hand-picked adventures, experiences, and activities for the recipient to choose from.

Most first time visitors to Hungary tend to concentrate their experiences on the capital, the beautiful city of Budapest, divided in two by the wide expanse of the River Danube. With Buda on one side of the river and Pest on the other, the city is perfectly suited for exploration on foot. Discover the delights of the city’s Chain Bridge, the architectural splendor of the country’s Parliament House, or by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Buda Castle.

That’s why the Tinggly Hungary experience gift collection also concentrates on getting the most out of this beautiful but modern city. Getting lost in the backstreets of Budapest is one of the delights of any European travel experience.

A gift box from the Tinggly collection gives the recipient the opportunity to choose one great experience to make their visit both enjoyable and memorable.

Which Hungary experience would you choose?
  • See Budapest with a flight over the city’s heart - and there’s champagne included
  • Enjoy a VIP folk performance and dinner cruise on the Danube
  • Experience a Budapest Gala concert and craft beer cruise
  • Wander the capital’s streets on a tantalizing food and drinks tasting tour
  • Taste Hungary with a traditional Hungarian cooking class and food hall visit
  • Attend a concert of organ music in the world-famous St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Take to the sky with a thrilling tandem sky-diving experience over Siófok
And when the Tinggly gift recipient is finished with the treasures of Budapest there’s still a whole great country waiting to explore, from Debrecen in the east to the villages which line the shore of the beautiful Lake Balaton.

And as a plus, all Tinggly experiences are created with the planet in mind. As a fully sustainable experience gift company, Tinggly is dedicated to protecting the planet.

That’s why we ensure that any CO2 footprint is offset by a huge 200%. Plus, with all of Tinggly’s packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials - using eco-friendly inks - a Tinggly experience gift isn’t just great for the recipient, it’s great for the planet too.