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Kazakhstan Experience Gifts

Find just the right gift, every time, with Tinggly. Our Kazakhstan gift cards are the ideal way to treat friends and family planning to explore Central Asia’s largest country. Kazakhstan travel gifts from Tinggly can be exchanged against an experience of their choice, at a time and date that suits them, leading to a deeper understanding of Kazakhstan’s culture and people.
It’s the easy way to ensure you get a gift that will be really useful and appreciated whatever the occasion. A Kazakhstan experience gift is like a passport to adventure, and with no expiry dates to worry about either, it offers superb value. Give stories, not stuff.
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Kazakhstan experiences for intrepid travelers

Give the gift of choice with these unique Kazakhstan experiences

Is it possible to ensure you get someone a gift they’ll love, whatever the celebration, with almost no effort required on your part? It is now, with Tinggly. These truly useful travel gifts allow your friends and family to explore the world in new and exciting ways, exchanging gift cards for experiences according to their own interests and passions, at a time and place that suits them. And it takes just a few moments to choose, pay and send our travel gift cards on their way!

Criss-crossed by ancient trade routes, and the size of Western Europe, Kazakhstan is a vast, historically fascinating expanse, largely untamed and unexplored except by the most intrepid of travelers. And as it gradually opens up to tourism, to destinations such as Almaty, Turkistan and Lake Issyk, there’s no better way to uncover its secrets than with a Kazakhstan experience gift from Tinggly.

Here’s how our unique Kazakhstan gifts work:

  1. Start by deciding which of our fab travel gift boxes are the best fit for the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online with a few clicks of your mouse
  3. Add a personal message for the recipient(s), and an address for us to send their Kazakhstan travel gift card to

That’s all it takes. We can send our Kazakhstan travel gifts to recipients wherever they are in the world, packaged in a stylish presentation box, or to you, if you’d rather give them their gift yourself. And remember that it’s also possible to have our Kazakhstan gift cards emailed, in case they’re already traveling and you don’t have a fixed address for them.

How to redeem a Kazakhstan experience gift

The fun starts once they’ve received their gift box, and can begin browsing the Tinggly map. Here they’ll find details of the various Kazakhstan experiences available in the collection you bought them, as well as many more around the world (our team have brought together the best experience gifts in more than 100 countries!)

To book their Kazakhstan experience gift, all they have to do is get in touch with the helpful Tinggly team to let us know what they want to do, when and where. We handle the reservations for them. 

And don’t forget - our Kazakhstan experiences have NO expiry dates, so there’s no rush to make a decision, and if travel plans have to change, it’s not a problem.

Eco-friendly Kazakhstan experiences

If you’re looking for sustainable travel gifts then you may be interested to learn about our Activist program. Designed to help people make a positive difference when they buy gifts for their friends and family, it’s our way of making Tinggly as sustainable as we can.

When you buy one of our Kazakhstan gift cards, we pledge to do the following:

Send all of our gift boxes in 100% recycled or recyclable packaging