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Kwanzaa Gifts

Discover the best Kwanzaa gifts with Tinggly. Useful, meaningful and great value, these Kwanzaa gift cards allow the recipients to choose from 100s of experiences around the world, a fun antidote to the accumulation of ‘stuff’.

Our Kwanzaa gifts aren’t just extremely satisfying to receive and use, they’re also very easy to buy, and eco-friendly too. Every time someone buys one of our Kwanzaa gift cards we commit to removing waste plastic from the environment, among other pledges. So give stories, not stuff, and watch someone’s face light up with happiness at Kwanzaa.
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Kwanzaa gifts your friends and family will love

How Kwanzaa gift cards work

Unfortunately, not all of us have the knack of finding the perfect gifts for people on any occasion. If you’re among them, then your troubles are over. With Tinggly gift cards for travelers, you can let the recipient choose what they want to do, meaning satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed!

These Kwanzaa gifts offer recipients the choice of 100s of amazing experiences around the world, with NO expiry dates to worry about. Whatever their interests, there is something they’ll love to try here: cultural experiences from wine tasting tours to perfume-making lessons, foodie experiences such as cookery lessons led by local chefs, adventurous experiences including bungee jumps, tandem skydives and supercar-driving, and so much more!

Buying Kwanzaa gift cards

To organise your Kwanzaa gifts it’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. Choose from the many gift cards online in our collection
  2. Pay securely with a few clicks of your mouse
  3. Add a personal message, and an address

...and you’re all done!

Be sure and allow enough time to allow your Kwanzaa gifts to arrive by December 26. We’ll send them out packaged in stylish presentation boxes (have them sent to yourself if you’d prefer to hand over your Kwanzaa gifts in person), or by email if you find that more convenient.

Redeeming Kwanzaa gift cards

To redeem their Kwanzaa gift cards, all the recipients need to do is choose what they want to do, where and when, and let the Tinggly team know so we can make the booking for them. 

The only hard part is deciding what to do when there’s so much choice available! Luckily, we’ve created a map to guide people, containing detailed information about what to expect from every experience. 

These Kwanzaa gifts are so great for travelers, as they can easily fit into holiday plans, honeymoons and gap years. They offer a way to make travel more meaningful and rewarding, to explore new cultures and ways of life, and to develop new interests.

Eco-friendly Kwanzaa gifts

Like you, we care about the environment, and we want to ensure that future generations can enjoy exploring and experiencing the world too. That’s why we’ve launched our innovative Activist program, and when you buy your Kwanzaa gift cards from us, we enrol you automatically. There’s nothing more you need to do, and no extra cost involved.