Mothers Day Gifts For Aunts

Sometimes, for whatever reason, there are other women, not just our mothers, who play a hugely important role in our lives. That’s why Tinggly has collected specific Mother’s Day gifts for aunts to honor all those aunts who deserve pride of place on Mother’s Day.

So many of us have aunts who treat us like we are their very own sons and daughters. In return, we want to show them how much they mean to us. A Tinggly mother’s day gift for aunts is full of all manner of great experiences, adventures, activities, and discoveries, guaranteed to say happy mother’s day, aunt, you’re just like a second mother to me.
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Say a special thank you with a Mother’s Day gift for aunts

Having a special aunt is a wonderful thing. Aunts can fill a multitude of roles in your life. They can be confidants, offer much-needed support and love, and can act as role models and become vital nurturing figures in our lives. That’s why mother’s day can be about them too.

A Tinggly Mother’s Day gift for aunts can be a special way to show your appreciation for all they do for you. If your aunt happens to love travel, discovering new places, and trying new experiences a Tinggly experience gift box can offer all of those great moments.

Filled with a variety of experiences a Tinggly gift box can open a whole new world for your aunt. From luxury hotel breaks and pampering spa treatments to cultural tours and thrill-seeking adventures, the Tinggly Mother’s Day gift for your aunt can be anything she wants it to be.

Every Tinggly experience box contains hundreds of astonishing activities and lets your deserving aunt choose the one experience that matches her travel plans, or allows her to create a travel experience based on the one she has chosen.

The perfect mother’s day gift for auntie

Whether your special aunt is a thrill-seeker or a chill-seeker a Tinggly Mother’s Day gift box for aunts has everything. With thousands of experiences in over 100 countries around the world no matter where your aunt lives there’s sure to be something for her. And what’s more, you can order and arrange delivery straight from your home or work computer.

Surprises for your aunt:
  • A wine-tasting and photo tour of Santa Barbara, California
  • A thrilling big island parasailing experience in Hawaii
  • Send her panning for gold in Juneau, Alaska
  • Let her grab her partner for a great New York City tour and adventure
  • How about a helicopter flight over Canada’s Niagara Falls
  • Whale-watching in Quebec, Canada
  • Relax with a unique Balinese spa experience day in Indonesia
  • Learn the secrets of great pasta making with a professional chef in Rome
  • A two-day rural beekeeping experience in the French countryside
As we’ve said earlier, there are literally hundreds of unique and hand-picked experiences for your aunt to choose the one she wants most. And what’s more, every Tinggly experience is especially kind to the environment and the planet.

This Mother’s Day give your special aunt a gift that’s unique, filled with adventure, and is kind to the planet, give her a Tinggly experience gift box.