Pampering Experience Gifts

We all deserve a little luxury now and again. Pampering gifts from Tinggly are refreshing, revitalising, and revolutionary in the way we give gifts. With a pampering gift box, what the recipient does is...entirely up to them. Massages, treatments, high-end spa days, sun-soaked sightseeing tours aboard private catamarans, satisfaction is guaranteed because the choice is theirs.

Treat someone you love with these pampering gifts, perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations or anniversaries. Just name the occasion, and pampering gift cards will be warmly received. Easy and fun to use, immensely satisfying, and sure to result in happy memories, pampering experiences can be enjoyed all over the world.
No expiration date
Easy refund
Free exchange
Easy booking
Planet friendly
Global availability

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Pampering gifts for friends and family

Show them how much you care with indulgent pampering gift cards

If you know someone that could use a little pick-me-up, then pampering gifts from Tinggly are the perfect way to show you care. Maybe it’s your daughter and you’re looking for graduation gifts for her, maybe it’s Mom’s birthday or anniversary, maybe you’re looking for wedding gifts for couples, and maybe you’re in need of a romantic and unique Valentine’s Day gift. Whatever the occasion, pampering experience gifts will brighten their day, and be something they’ll look forward to for weeks.

Research shows that it is experience gifts that give people the most pleasure, rather than material items. The anticipation of a Mom-and-daughter spa day, or a massage and treatment on the first morning of a long-awaited holiday, or a surprise treat on a day out, can be intense. And then afterwards, the memories associated with pampering gift experiences can last forever. 

If you’ve never bought pampering gift cards before, the process is so simple and quick. Just select which of the various gift cards you’d like, according to the occasion or your budget. Pay securely online, add a personal note and that’s all. Experience gift cards take all the hassle and nerves out of finding someone a gift they’ll love, because they get to choose for themselves.

No expiration dates

 Your pampering gift box can be sent anywhere in the world. It’s a stylish black box produced with recycled and recyclable materials. And the voucher inside can be exchanged against one of 100s of experiences in over 100 countries, making it a fantastic idea for holidaymakers and travellers too. Vouchers can also be sent by email if that’s more convenient.

These pampering gift cards have no expiry dates. That means there’s absolutely no rush to use them. So if Mom wants to save it for her summer holiday, or your daughter is going travelling after graduation and doesn’t know yet where she’ll be going, the voucher can easily be saved. 

Or encourage them to pin it to the fridge, as a reminder that if ever they need a pick-me-up on a rainy day all they need to do is browse the Tinggly map and explore the various pampering experiences available for inspiration.

Pampering gifts to suggest they try:

  • A royal walking tour at Buckingham Palace
  • Afternoon tea and a river cruise in London
  • A full day at a Balinese spa in Indonesia
  • A sunset cruise about a 19th-century style schooner in Puerto Rico
  • An evening food and wine tour in Venice, for two
  • A concert at Vienna’s magnificent Schonbrunn Palace
  • Romantic hot air balloon flights with champagne breakfasts, all over the world

The best pampering gifts for moms and daughters

There’s more luxury in pampering gift cards from Tinggly than you’d find in 1000-thread count cotton sheets. 

And the biggest luxury of all is, the recipient can choose for themselves what to, where and when, immensely satisfying. 

As part of our Activist initiative, we’re always trying to come up with different ways to make our experience gift cards as sustainable as possible.